Name Routes in Database In Service IATA
Logo of Air Canada Air Canada 766 yes ACA
Logo of WestJet WestJet 390 yes WJA
Logo of Air Transat Air Transat 92 yes TSC
Logo of First Air First Air 75 yes FAB
Logo of Canadian North Canadian North 68 yes MPE
Bearskin Lake Air Service 48 yes BLS
Logo of Porter Airlines Porter Airlines 38 yes POE
Ciel Canadien 32 yes YCC
Logo of Pacific Coastal Airline Pacific Coastal Airline 28 yes PCO
Logo of Northwestern Air Northwestern Air 14 yes PLR
Air North Charter - Canada 13 yes ANT
Canadian National Airways 10 yes YCP
Northern Dene Airways 10 yes
Logo of Hawkair Hawkair 6 yes
Logo of Air Canada Jazz Air Canada Jazz 0 yes JZA
Canadian Airlines 0 yes CDN
CanXplorer 0 yes CAP
CanXpress 0 yes CA1
Enerjet 0 yes ENJ
Harbour Air (Priv) 0 yes
Helijet 0 yes JBA
Logo of Morningstar Air Express Morningstar Air Express 0 yes MAL
Logo of North American Airlines North American Airlines 0 yes NTM
North American Charters 0 yes HMR
Red Jet Canada 0 yes
Logo of Sky Regional Sky Regional 0 yes
Logo of Skyservice Airlines Skyservice Airlines 0 yes SSV
Sunwing 0 yes
Logo of Transwest Air Transwest Air 0 yes ABS
Logo of West Coast Air West Coast Air 0 yes
World Experience Airline 0 yes WE1
Logo of Zoom Airlines Zoom Airlines 0 yes OOM
Canadian Western Airlines 38 no CWA
611897 Alberta Limited 0 no THD
Adler Aviation 0 no SWH
Advance Air Charters 0 no ADV
Aero 1 Pro-Jet 0 no SSM
Aero Aviation Centre Ltd. 0 no AAD
Aero Control Air 0 no LFC
Aero Taxi 0 no QAT
Aero Trades (Western) Ltd. 0 no ATW
Aero-North Aviation Services 0 no SKP
Aerocharter 0 no MRM
Logo of Aeropro Aeropro 0 no APO
Air 500 0 no BRM
Air Alma 0 no AAJ
Air Atlantic 0 no
Air Atonabee 0 no OUL
Logo of Air Baffin Air Baffin 0 no BFF
Logo of Air BC Air BC 0 no ABL
Air Brasd'or 0 no BRL
Air Brousse 0 no ABT
Air Caledonia 0 no ACM
Air Charters 0 no ACX
Logo of Air Creebec Air Creebec 0 no CRQ
Air Dorval 0 no ADT
Air Fecteau 0 no AFH
Logo of Air Georgian Air Georgian 0 no GGN
Air Integra 0 no AII
Logo of Air Inuit Air Inuit 0 no AIE
Air Madeleine 0 no MLN
Air Montreal (Air Holdings Inc.) 0 no AMO
Air Muskoka 0 no AMS
Air Niagara Express 0 no DBD
Logo of Air Nova Air Nova 0 no HMT
Logo of Air Ontario Air Ontario 0 no ONT
Air Park Aviation Ltd. 0 no APA
Air Roberval 0 no RBV
Air Sandy 0 no SNY
Air Satellite 0 no ASJ
Air Sorel 0 no WHY
Air Southwest Ltd. 0 no ASW
Air Star Corporation 0 no ASC
Air Toronto 0 no CNE
Air West 0 no AWT
Air-Spray 1967 Ltd. 0 no ASB
Airspeed Aviation 0 no SPD
Airsprint 0 no ASP
Logo of Aklak Air Aklak Air 0 no AKK
Alberni Airways 0 no BNI
Alberta Citylink 0 no ABK
Alberta Government 0 no GOA
Alexandair 0 no JMR
Algoma Airways 0 no AGG
Logo of Alkan Air Alkan Air 0 no AKN
Allcanada Express 0 no CNX
Alta Flights (Charters) Ltd. 0 no ALZ
Altair Aviation (1986) 0 no ALQ
Angus Aviation 0 no AAZ
Aquila Air Ltd. 0 no AQL
Arctic Wings And Rotors Ltd. 0 no AWR
Arrow Aviation Ltd. 0 no ARO
Atlantair Ltd. 0 no ATB
Atlantic Island Airways 0 no AIW
Aviair Aviation Ltd. 0 no AVF
Aviation Amos 0 no AMJ
Aviation Quebec Labrador 0 no QLA
Avion Taxi 0 no ADQ
Awood Air Ltd. 0 no AWO
Bar XH Air 0 no BXH
Bell Helicopter Textron 0 no TXB
Bombardier 0 no BFO
Bonair Aviation 0 no BNR
Bordaire 0 no BOF
Bradly Air (Charter) Services 0 no BAR
Logo of Brock Air Services Brock Air Services 0 no BRD
Buffalo Airways 0 no BFL
Business Air Services 0 no BAM
Business Express Delivery 0 no EXP
Logo of Calm Air Calm Air 0 no CAV
Canada Jet Charters 0 no PIL
Canadian Coast Guard 0 no CTG
Canadian Eagle Aviation 0 no HIA
Logo of Canadian Forces Canadian Forces 0 no CFC
Canadian Global Air Ambulance 0 no BZD
Logo of Canadian Helicopters Canadian Helicopters 0 no CDN
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre 0 no TKR
Canadian National Telecommunications 0 no XNC
Canadian Regional Airlines 0 no CDR
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 0 no CWH
Canadian World 0 no CNN
Logo of CanJet CanJet 0 no CJA
Logo of Cargojet Airways Cargojet Airways 0 no CJT
Centennial Flight Centre 0 no CNS
Central Mountain Air 0 no GLR
Century Aviation International 0 no HAI
Chartright Air 0 no HRT
Chilcotin Caribou Aviation 0 no DES
Chilliwack Aviation 0 no CAD
Colibri Aviation 0 no CAE
Columbia Airlines 0 no COL
Commander Air Charter 0 no CML
Commercial Aviation 0 no CMS
Conair Aviation 0 no CRC
Confort Air 0 no COF
Conifair Aviation 0 no ROY
Connectair Charters 0 no BSN
Corpac Canada 0 no CPB
Corporate Airlink 0 no COO
Logo of Cougar Helicopters Cougar Helicopters 0 no CHI
Coval Air 0 no CVL
Cree Airways 0 no CRE
Crownair 0 no CRW
Cypress Airlines 0 no CYS
Logo of De Havilland De Havilland 0 no DHC
Delta Air Charter 0 no SNO
Dome Petroleum 0 no DPL
Dynamair Aviation 0 no DNR
Eastern Pacific Aviation 0 no EPB
Esso Resources Canada 0 no ERC
Execair Aviation 0 no EXA
Executive Flight Operations Ontario Government 0 no TRI
Express Air Charter 0 no RXX
Express Tours 0 no XTO
Flair Airlines 0 no FLE
Flight Centre Victoria 0 no FCV
Flight-Ops International 0 no KLO
Flightexec 0 no FEX
Fortunair Canada 0 no FXC
Gander Aviation 0 no GAN
Garrison Aviation 0 no AHM
Geesair 0 no GEE
Gendall Air 0 no GAB
General Aerospace 0 no SWK
General Aviation Terminal 0 no XGA
Geographic Air Surveys 0 no GSL
Gold Belt Air Transport 0 no GBT
Golden Eagle Air Services (FAA) 0 no SAJ
Golfe Air Quebec 0 no GAQ
Harmony Airways 0 no HMY
High-Line Airways 0 no HLB
Hope Air 0 no
Hyack Air 0 no HYA
Logo of Hydro-Québec 0 no HYD
ICC Canada 0 no CIC
IMP Aviation Services 0 no BLU
IMP Group Aviation Services 0 no XGG
Innotech Aviation 0 no IVA
Intair 0 no INT
Inter-Canadian 0 no ICN
International Security Assistance Force 0 no THN
Logo of Irving Oil Irving Oil 0 no XIA
Irving Oil Transport 0 no KCE
Jackson Air Services 0 no JCK
Jetall Holdings 0 no JTL
Logo of JetsGo JetsGo 0 no JGO
K D Air Corporation 0 no KDC
Kelner Airways 0 no FKL
Logo of Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter 0 no KFA
Logo of Kenn Borek Air Kenn Borek Air 0 no KBA
Kent Aviation 0 no KAH
Keystone Air Services 0 no KEE
Kingston Air Services 0 no KAS
Knight Air 0 no KNA
Knighthawk Air Express 0 no KNX
La Ronge Aviation Services 0 no ASK
Logo of Labrador Airways Labrador Airways 0 no LAL
Little Red Air Service 0 no LRA
Manitoulin Air Services 0 no MTO
Maple Air Services 0 no MAD
Max-Aviation 0 no MAX
Millardair 0 no MAB
Ministic Air 0 no MNS
Miramichi Air Service 0 no MIR
MIT Airlines 0 no MNC
Logo of Mobil Oil Mobil Oil 0 no MBO
Moncton Flying Club 0 no MFC
Mountain Pacific Air 0 no MPC
Nahanni Air Services Ltd 0 no NAH
National Aviation Consultants 0 no TNC
Navtech System Support 0 no XNS
Neiltown Air 0 no NLA
Newfoundland Labrador Air Transport 0 no NLT
Logo of Nolinor Aviation Nolinor Aviation 0 no NRL
Norontair 0 no NOA
North Caribou Flying Service Ltd 0 no NCB
North Coast Air Services Ltd 0 no NCC
North Vancouver Airlines 0 no NRV
North West Geomatics 0 no PTO
Logo of North-Wright Airways North-Wright Airways 0 no NWL
Northern Thunderbird Air 0 no NTA
Northway Aviation Ltd 0 no NAL
Logo of Northwest Territorial Airways Northwest Territorial Airways 0 no NWT
Northwinds Northern 0 no NWN
Nortland Air Manitoba 0 no NAM
Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forests 0 no PTR
Nunasi-Central Airlines 0 no NUN
Odyssey International 0 no ODY
On Air Limited 0 no ORL
Ontario Ministry of Health 0 no MED
Operation Enduring Freedom 0 no LLO
Pacific Air Boats 0 no PAB
Parsons Airways Northern 0 no FAP
Logo of Pascan Aviation Pascan Aviation 0 no PSC
Pem-Air 0 no PEM
Logo of Perimeter Aviation Perimeter Aviation 0 no PAG
Pimichikamac Air 0 no MKS
Points of Call Airlines 0 no PTS
Logo of Powell Air Powell Air 0 no PWL
Logo of Pratt and Whitney Canada Pratt and Whitney Canada 0 no PWC
Logo of Prince Edward Air Prince Edward Air 0 no CME
Logo of Propair Propair 0 no PRO
Logo of Provincial Airlines Provincial Airlines 0 no SPR
Provincial Express 0 no PRV
Logo of Ptarmigan Airways Ptarmigan Airways 0 no PTA
Quantex Environmental 0 no QTX
Quebec Government Air Service 0 no QUE
Regent Air 0 no RAH
Region Air 0 no RGR
Logo of Regional 1 Regional 1 0 no TSH
Roadair Lines 0 no RDL
Rocky Mountain Airlines 0 no ROC
Rog-Air 0 no FAD
Royal Aviation Express 0 no RXP
Sair Aviation 0 no SRA
Samaritan Air Service 0 no HLO
Sasair 0 no SSB
Saskatchewan Government 0 no SLG
Saskatchewan Government Executive Air Service 0 no SGS
Sector Airlines 0 no XTR
Selkirk Remote Sensing 0 no SRS
Shooter Air Courier 0 no SHR
Shuswap Flight Centre 0 no SFC
Simpson Air Ltd 0 no NCS
Skycharter (Malton) 0 no SKL
Skycraft Air Transport 0 no SKG
Skylink Aviation 0 no SKK
Skyplan Services 0 no XXS
Skyward Aviation 0 no SGK
Slate Falls Airways 0 no SYJ
Smith Air (1976) 0 no SML
Sontair 0 no STI
South West Air 0 no SWC
Southern Frontier Air Transport 0 no SFS
Sowind Air 0 no SOW
Springbank Aviation 0 no SAQ
St. Andrews Airways 0 no SDA
Stephenville Aviation Services 0 no XSN
Sun Air Aviation Services 0 no SNX
Sunwest Airlines 0 no SST
Sunwest Home Aviation 0 no CNK
Sunwing Airlines 0 no SWG
Switfair Cargo 0 no SCL
Logo of Syncrude Canada Syncrude Canada 0 no SYN
Tal Air Charters 0 no JEL
Logo of Thunder Airlines Thunder Airlines 0 no THU
Thunderbird Tours 0 no TBD
Timberline Air 0 no TMR
Toronto Airways 0 no TOR
Totavia 0 no TOT
Toyota Canada 0 no TOY
Tradewinds Aviation 0 no TWL
Trans Atlantis 0 no LTA
Trans North Turbo Air 0 no TNT
Trans-Provincial Airlines 0 no TPY
Transport Canada 0 no TGO
Triton Airlines 0 no DRC
Vacationair 0 no VAC
VIA Rail Canada 0 no
Vision Airways Corporation 0 no VSN
Vistajet 0 no VJT
Voyageur Airways 0 no VAL
Walsten Air Services 0 no WAS
Wapiti Aviation 0 no WPT
Wasaya Airways 0 no WSG
West Wind Aviation 0 no WEW
Westcoast Energy 0 no BLK
Western Arctic Air 0 no WAL
Western Express Air Lines 0 no WES
Westpoint Air 0 no WTP
White River Air Services 0 no WRA
World Weatherwatch 0 no XWW
Worldways 0 no WGC
Worldwide Air Charter Systems 0 no CSW
Zip 0 no WZP