Czech Republic

  Name Routes in Database In Service IATA
Czech Airlines 124 yes CSA
Travel Service 13 yes TVS
JobAir 6 yes
Central Connect Airlines 0 yes CCG
Logo of Holidays Czech Airlines Holidays Czech Airlines 0 yes HCC
Aba Air 0 no ABP
Abas 0 no MRP
Aero Vodochody 0 no AOD
Aerotaxi 0 no ITE
Air Special 0 no ASX
Alfa Air 0 no AFA
Blue Sky Airways 0 no BSW
Central European Airlines 0 no CMA
Civil Aviation Inspectorate of the Czech Republic 0 no CBA
Czech Air Force 0 no CEF
Czech Air Handling 0 no AHD
Czech Government Flying Service 0 no CIE
Eurojet Servis 0 no EJS
Fischer Air 0 no FFR
Grossmann Jet Service 0 no GSJ
Helicopter 0 no HCP
IDG Technology Air 0 no IDG
Job Air 0 no JBR
Kovar Air 0 no WOK
L R Airlines 0 no LRB
Lom Praha Flying School 0 no CLV
Nav Flight Planning 0 no NAV
Olimex Aerotaxi 0 no OLX
Silesia Air 0 no SUA
Silver Air 0 no SLD
Time Air 0 no TIE
Van Air Europe 0 no VAA