United Kingdom

  Name Routes in Database In Service IATA
easyJet 733 yes EZY
British Airways 485 yes BAW
bmi 297 yes BMA
Logo of Flybe Flybe 293 yes BEE
Air Foyle 242 yes UPA
Logo of Thomsonfly Thomsonfly 196 yes TOM
Logo of Thomas Cook Airlines Thomas Cook Airlines 133 yes TCX
Logo of Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Airways 82 yes VIR
Logo of 68 yes EXS
bmibaby 42 yes BMI
Logo of Eastern Airways Eastern Airways 39 yes EZE
Logo of Aurigny Air Services Aurigny Air Services 21 yes AUR
Logo of MyTravel Airways MyTravel Airways 12 yes MYT
Logo of Air Wales Air Wales 8 yes AWW
British International Helicopters 4 yes BIH
AD Aviation 0 yes VUE
Air Cudlua 0 yes CUD
Logo of Air Southwest Air Southwest 0 yes WOW
Astraeus 0 yes AEU
AUOS 0 yes AUK
Logo of BA CityFlyer BA CityFlyer 0 yes CFE
Logo of British Mediterranean Airways British Mediterranean Airways 0 yes LAJ
Logo of British Midland Regional British Midland Regional 0 yes BMR
CB Airways UK ( Interliging Flights ) 0 yes CIF
Crest Aviation 0 yes CAN
Logo of Excel Airways Excel Airways 0 yes XLA
Excel Charter 0 yes XEL
Logo of First Choice Airways First Choice Airways 0 yes FCA
Logo of Flightline Flightline 0 yes FLT
Logo of Flyglobespan Flyglobespan 0 yes GSM
GB Airways 0 yes GBL
Logo of Highland Airways Highland Airways 0 yes HWY
Jc royal.britannica 0 yes JRB
Kinloss Flying Training Unit 0 yes KIN
Logo of Monarch Airlines Monarch Airlines 0 yes MON
Norfolk County Flight College 0 yes NCF
Royal European Airlines 0 yes
Logo of ScotAirways ScotAirways 0 yes SAY
Birmingham European 102 no
Logo of Logan Air Logan Air 27 no LOG
Logo of Isles of Scilly Skybus Isles of Scilly Skybus 24 no IOS
Logo of Titan Airways Titan Airways 6 no AWC
2 Sqn No 1 Elementary Flying Training School 0 no WYT
247 Jet Ltd 0 no TWF
84 Squadron Royal Air Force @ RAF Akrotiri 0 no AKG
A J Services 0 no AJA
Aereos Limited 0 no FST
Aero Dynamics 0 no ADL
Aerogroup 98 Limited 0 no RWY
Aeromedicare Ltd. 0 no AMQ
Aeromega 0 no OMG
Air Atlanta Europe 0 no EUK
Air Atlantique 0 no AAG
Air Charter Service 0 no ACV
Air Data 0 no AFS
Air Medical 0 no MCD
Air Mercia 0 no MCB
Air Montegomery 0 no MTY
Air Navigation And Trading Co. Ltd. 0 no ANB
Air Partner 0 no ACG
Air South West 0 no PIE
Logo of Air UK Air UK 0 no
Airbourne School of Flying 0 no RGT
Airfreight Express 0 no AFX
Airshare Holdings 0 no SHH
Airtime Charters 0 no IME
Airways Flight Training 0 no DRM
Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd. 0 no AMH
Albion Aviation 0 no ALD
All Charter Limited 0 no BLA
Anglo Cargo 0 no ANC
Aravco Ltd. 0 no ARV
Archer Aviation 0 no DHM
Army Air Corps 0 no AAC
Atlantic Airlines 0 no NPT
Atlas Helicopters 0 no TDT
AV8 Helicopters 0 no AVH
Avcard Services 0 no ACC
Avcorp Registrations 0 no AVP
Aviance 0 no GHL
Aviation Beaufort 0 no AVB
Avitat 0 no ESO
Logo of BA Connect BA Connect 0 no
BAC Express Airlines 0 no RPX
BAC Leasing Limited 0 no BAC
Logo of BAE Systems BAE Systems 0 no WFD
Logo of BAE Systems BAE Systems 0 no BAE
Logo of BAE Systems BAE Systems 0 no WTN
Barnes Olsen Aeroleasing 0 no CLN
BCT Aviation 0 no BCT
Bearing Supplies Limited 0 no PVO
Bizjet Ltd 0 no BIZ
Logo of Blue Islands Blue Islands 0 no BCI
Blue Swann Aviation 0 no BSJ
BN Group Limited 0 no BNG
Bond Air Services 0 no RHD
Logo of Bond Offshore Helicopters Bond Offshore Helicopters 0 no BND
Bonus Aviation 0 no BPT
Bookajet Limited 0 no BOO
Boscombe Down DERA (Formation) 0 no RRS
Briggs Marine Environmental Services 0 no BME
Bristol Flying Centre 0 no CLF
Logo of Bristow Helicopters Bristow Helicopters 0 no BHL
Logo of Britannia Airways Britannia Airways 0 no BAL
British Airways 0 no XMS
British Airways Shuttle 0 no SHT
Logo of British Antarctic Survey British Antarctic Survey 0 no BAN
British Caribbean Airways 0 no BCL
British Charter 0 no BCR
British Medical Charter 0 no BMD
British North West Airlines 0 no BNW
Logo of British Regional Airlines British Regional Airlines 0 no BRT
British Sky Broadcasting 0 no SKH
Butane Buzzard Aviation Corporation 0 no BZZ
Buzz Stansted 0 no BUZ
Buzzaway Limited 0 no UKA
BWA (2002) Ltd 0 no BWL
Cabair College of Air Training 0 no CBR
Caernarfon Airworld 0 no CWD
CAM Air Management 0 no CMR
Capital Trading Aviation 0 no EGL
Cardiff Wales Flying Club 0 no CWN
Carill Aviation 0 no CVG
Cecil Aviation 0 no CIL
Cega Aviation 0 no CEG
Celtic Airways 0 no CEC
Celtic West 0 no CWE
Church Fenton Flying Training Unit 0 no CFN
Cityair (Chester) Limited 0 no CAQ
Claessens International Limited 0 no FMC
Clasair 0 no CSF
Clowes Estates Limited 0 no CLD
Club 328 0 no SDJ
Coltishall Flying Training Unit 0 no COH
Comed Group 0 no CDE
Commair Aviation 0 no CMH
Compass International Airways 0 no CPS
Coningsby Flying Training Unit 0 no CBY
Cooper Aerial Surveys 0 no SVY
Cottesmore Flying Training Unit 0 no COT
Coulson Flying Service 0 no MGB
Logo of Court Line Court Line 0 no ???
Coyne Aviation 0 no COY
Cranfield University 0 no CFD
Cranwell Flying Training Unit 0 no CWL
Cross Aviation 0 no CRX
CSE Aviation 0 no CSE
Dan-Air London 0 no DAN
Dash Aviation 0 no GOB
DAT Enterprise Limited 0 no ENT
David Crawshaw Consultants Limited 0 no DCO
Delta Engineering Aviation 0 no KMB
DERA Boscombe Down 0 no BDN
DFS UK Limited 0 no VLF
Logo of DHL Air DHL Air 0 no DHK
Diplomatic Freight Services 0 no DIP
Direct Flight 0 no DCT
Donair Flying Club 0 no DON
Dreamcatcher Airways 0 no DCA
Duchess of Britany (Jersey) Limited 0 no DBJ
Logo of Duo Airways Duo Airways 0 no DUO
Eagle Aviation 0 no GYP
East Midlands Helicopters 0 no CTK
Eastern Air Executive 0 no EAX
Eastern Executive Air Charter 0 no GNS
Edinburgh Air Charter 0 no EDC
Logo of Emerald Airways Emerald Airways 0 no JEM
Logo of Empire Test Pilots' School Empire Test Pilots' School 0 no ETP
Euroceltic Airways 0 no ECY
EuroJet Aviation 0 no GOJ
European Aeronautical Group UK 0 no EAG
Logo of European Aviation Air Charter European Aviation Air Charter 0 no EAF
European Business Jets 0 no EBJ
European Executive 0 no ETV
Euroskylink 0 no ESX
Examiner Training Agency 0 no EMN
Executive Aircraft Services 0 no XAH
Executive Aviation Services 0 no JTR
Executive Jet Charter 0 no EXJ
Fairoaks Flight Centre 0 no FFC
Falcon Jet Centre 0 no FJC
Fast Helicopters 0 no FHL
First City Air 0 no MBL
Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit 0 no BWY
Flight Precision Limited 0 no CLB
Flight Safety Limited 0 no FSL
Flightpass Limited 0 no FPS
Fly CI Limited 0 no FCT
Fly Europa Limited 0 no FEE
Flyteam Aviation 0 no FTM
Ford Motor Company 0 no FOB
Formula One Management 0 no FOR
Forth and Clyde Helicopter Services 0 no FHS
Logo of Foster Yeoman Foster Yeoman 0 no JFY
FR Aviation 0 no FRA
Freshaer 0 no FAE
Galair International 0 no SWF
Gama Aviation 0 no GMA
GEC Marconi Avionics 0 no FFU
GH Stansted Limited 0 no GHI
Logo of Global Supply Systems Global Supply Systems 0 no GSS
Go One Airways 0 no
GoldAir 0 no GDA
Goodridge (UK) Limited 0 no RDR
Grampian Flight Centre 0 no HLD
Grantex Aviation 0 no LMK
Gwyn Aviation 0 no GWN
Hagondale Limited 0 no POW
Hamlin Jet 0 no HJL
Logo of Hangar 8 Hangar 8 0 no HGR
Haughey Air 0 no NBR
Haverfordwest Air Charter Services 0 no PYN
HC Airlines 0 no HLA
Heliaviation Limited 0 no CDY
Helicentre Coventry 0 no COV
Helicopter & Aviation Services 0 no JKY
Helicopter Training & Hire 0 no MVK
Herritage Aviation Developments 0 no HED
HPM Investments 0 no HWD
II Lione Alato Arl 0 no RDE
Inflite The Jet Centre 0 no INS
Intavia Limited 0 no FFL
Logo of Inter European Airways Inter European Airways 0 no IEA
Interflight 0 no IFT
Interflight (Learjet) 0 no IJT
International Sabilisation Assistance Force 0 no ISF
IPM Europe 0 no IPM
Island Aviation and Travel 0 no IOM
Islandair Jersey 0 no IAJ
Logo of J C Bamford (Excavators) J C Bamford (Excavators) 0 no JCB
JDAviation 0 no JDA
Jeppesen UK 0 no JPN
Jetrider International 0 no JRI
Jetstream Executive Travel 0 no JXT
Jigsaw Project 0 no JSW
Logo of JMC Airlines JMC Airlines 0 no JMC
Jubilee Airways 0 no DKE
Keenair Charter - 0 no JFK
King Aviation 0 no KNG
Krystel Air Charter 0 no OPC
Langtry Flying Group 0 no PAP
Leeming Flying Training Unit 0 no LEE
Linton-on-Ouse Flying Training Unit 0 no LOP
Lion Air Services 0 no WGT
Lomas Helicopters 0 no LMS
London City Airport Jet Centre 0 no LCY
London Executive Aviation 0 no LNX
London Flight Centre (Stansted) 0 no LOV
London Helicopter Centres 0 no LHC
Lossiemouth Flying Training Unit 0 no LOS
Logo of Lydd Air Lydd Air 0 no LYD
Manhattan Air 0 no MHN
Mann Air 0 no MNR
Logo of Manx Airlines Manx Airlines 0 no MNX
March Helicopters 0 no MAR
Marham Flying Training Unit 0 no MRH
Markoss Aviation 0 no MKO
Marshall Aerospace 0 no MCE
Martin-Baker 0 no MBE
Martyn Fiddler Associates 0 no MFA
Marvin Limited 0 no MVN
MAS Airways 0 no TFG
McAlpine Helicopters 0 no MCH
Medical Aviation Services 0 no MCL
Logo of Meridian Aviation Meridian Aviation 0 no DSL
Meteorological Research Flight 0 no MET
Metro Business Aviation 0 no MVI
Metropix UK 0 no PIX
Micromatter Technology Solutions 0 no WIZ
Midland Airport Services 0 no MID
Millen Corporation 0 no RJM
Monde Air Charters 0 no MDB
Logo of National Air Traffic Services National Air Traffic Services 0 no RFI
National Grid 0 no GRD
Logo of Natural Environment Research Council Natural Environment Research Council 0 no EVM
Neric 0 no NSL
Nimbus Aviation 0 no NBS
Logo of No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron RAF No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron RAF 0 no NOH
North British Airlines 0 no NBN
Northamptonshire School of Flying 0 no NSF
Northern Executive Aviation 0 no NEX
Northumbria Helicopters 0 no NHL
Northwood Headquarters (RAF 0 no NWO
OAG 0 no
Ocean Sky (UK) 0 no OCS
Logo of OpenSkies OpenSkies 0 no BOS
Oxaero 0 no OXE
Oxford Air Services 0 no WDK
Palmer Aviation 0 no JSP
Paragon Global Flight Support 0 no PGF
Patriot Aviation Limited 0 no BYT
Logo of Peach Air Peach Air 0 no KGC
Pen-Avia 0 no PDY
PLM Dollar Group 0 no PDG
Plymouth School of Flying 0 no PSF
Polestar Aviation 0 no PSR
Police Aviation Services 0 no PLC
Polo Aviation 0 no CUK
Pool Aviation 0 no PLX
Premiair Aviation Services 0 no PGL
Premiair Fliyng Club 0 no PME
Primavia Limited 0 no CRY
RAF Barkston Heath 0 no BKH
RAF Leuchars 0 no LCS
RAF Scampton 0 no SMZ
RAF St Athan 0 no STN
RAF St Mawgan Search and Rescue 0 no SMG
RAF Topcliffe Flying Training Unit 0 no TOF
RAF Valley Flying Training Unit 0 no VYT
RAF Valley SAR Training Unit 0 no VLL
Rangemile Limited 0 no RGM
Raven Air 0 no RVR
Raytheon Corporate Jets 0 no RCJ
Red Arrows Display Squadron 0 no SAK
Red Aviation 0 no PSH
Red Devils Parachute Display Team 0 no DEV
Redhill Aviation 0 no RHC
Logo of Reed Aviation Reed Aviation 0 no RAV
Relief Transport Services 0 no RTS
Rollright Aviation 0 no RRZ
Rolls-Royce Limited 0 no RRL
Logo of Rolls-Royce plc Rolls-Royce plc 0 no BTU
Rotormotion 0 no RKT
Logo of Royal Air Force Royal Air Force 0 no SHF
Logo of Royal Air Force Royal Air Force 0 no RRF
Logo of Royal Air Force Royal Air Force 0 no RRR
Logo of Royal Air Force Royal Air Force 0 no ACW
Logo of Royal Air Force Royal Air Force 0 no RFR
Royal Navy 0 no NVY
Rutland Aviation 0 no RND
Samson Aviation 0 no SHL
Sark International Airways 0 no JIM
Scottish Airways Flyers 0 no SKO
Search and Rescue 202 0 no SRG
Search and Rescue 22 0 no SRD
Semitool Europe 0 no STE
Logo of Servisair Servisair 0 no SGH
Shawbury Flying Training Unit 0 no SYS
Shell Aircraft 0 no SHE
Shoprite Group 0 no SHG
Logo of Silverjet Silverjet 0 no FJE
Skydrift 0 no SDL
Skyking 0 no SKI
Sloane Aviation 0 no SLN
Solent Flight 0 no SFU
Soloflight 0 no OLO
South Coast Aviation 0 no GAD
Special Scope Limited 0 no SSO
Specsavers Aviation 0 no SSZ
Spectrum Aviation Incorporated 0 no LSP
Stadium City Limited 0 no STC
Stapleford Flight Centre 0 no STL
Logo of Star Aviation Star Aviation 0 no STA
Starspeed 0 no SSP
Sterling Helicopters 0 no SVH
Streamline Aviation 0 no SSW
Logo of Suckling Airways Suckling Airways 0 no
Synergy Aviation 0 no SYG
Tag Aviation UK 0 no VIP
TAG Farnborough Airport 0 no FBO
Tayflite 0 no TYF
Tayside Aviation 0 no TFY
Telnic Limited 0 no DOT
TG Aviation 0 no TGC
The 955 Preservation Group 0 no GFN
Tigerfly 0 no MOH
Tiphook PLC 0 no BOX
TNT International Aviation 0 no NTR
Trans Euro Air 0 no TRJ
Transcorp Airways 0 no TCP
Tropair Airservices 0 no TSV
Turbine Air Cargo UK 0 no TBC
Twinjet Aircraft Sales 0 no TWJ
Logo of UK International Airlines UK International Airlines 0 no UKI
UK Royal/HRH Duke of York 0 no LPD
Logo of United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority 0 no SDS
Logo of United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority 0 no CFU
United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority 0 no EXM
United Kingdom Home Office 0 no UKP
United Kingdom Royal VIP Flight 0 no KRH
United Kingdom Royal VIP Flights 0 no TQF
United Kingdom Royal VIP Flights 0 no KRF
University Air Squadron 0 no UAD
University Air Squadron 0 no UAH
University Air Squadron 0 no UAA
University Air Squadron 0 no UAJ
Veritair Ltd 0 no BTP
Vertair 0 no VRA
Vickers Limited 0 no VSB
Victoria Aviation 0 no ENV
Waddington FTU 0 no WAD
Warwickshire Aerocentre Ltd. 0 no ATX
West Freugh DTEO 0 no TEE
Westflight Aviation 0 no WSL
Logo of Westland Helicopters Westland Helicopters 0 no WHE
Williams Grand Prix Engineering 0 no WGP
Wittering FTU 0 no WIT
Woodgate Executive Air Charter 0 no CWY
Wycombe Air Centre 0 no WYC
Xclusive Jet Charter Limited 0 no XJC
Xjet Limited 0 no XJT