Name Routes in Database In Service IATA
LOT Polish Airlines 148 yes LOT
Logo of Eurolot Eurolot 16 yes ELO
Centralwings 0 yes CLW
ENTERair 0 yes QQQ
Logo of YES Airways YES Airways 0 yes YEP
Exin 0 no EXN
Logo of Fischer Air Polska Fischer Air Polska 0 no FFP
Flight Dispatch Services 0 no FDP
General Aviation 0 no GNZ
Logo of Jet Air Jet Air 0 no JEA
Jet Service 0 no JDI
Polish Air Force 0 no PLF
Logo of Polish Navy Polish Navy 0 no PNY
Logo of Sky Express Sky Express 0 no SXP
Skytaxi 0 no IGA
White Eagle Aviation 0 no WEA