Airports in United States

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Large International Airports in United States

Name ICAO IATA Country Coordinates
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport KSPI SPI United States 39°50'38"N, 89°40'40"W
Adams Field KLIT LIT United States 34°43'45"N, 92°13'27"W
Albuquerque International Sunport Airport KABQ ABQ United States 35°2'24"N, 106°36'32"W
Altus Air Force Base KLTS United States 34°40'1"N, 99°16'0"W
Andrews Air Force Base KADW ADW United States 38°48'38"N, 76°52'1"W
Asheville Regional Airport KAVL AVL United States 35°26'10"N, 82°32'30"W
Augusta Regional At Bush Field KAGS AGS United States 33°22'11"N, 81°57'52"W
Austin Bergstrom International Airport KAUS AUS United States 30°11'40"N, 97°40'11"W
Austin Straubel International Airport KGRB GRB United States 44°29'6"N, 88°7'46"W
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshal Airport KBWI BWI United States 39°10'31"N, 76°40'5"W
Bangor International Airport KBGR BGR United States 44°48'26"N, 68°49'41"W
Barksdale Air Force Base KBAD United States 32°30'6"N, 93°39'45"W
Baton Rouge Metropolitan, Ryan Field KBTR BTR United States 30°31'59"N, 91°8'58"W
Beale Air Force Base KBAB United States 39°8'9"N, 121°26'13"W
Billings Logan International Airport KBIL BIL United States 45°48'27"N, 108°32'34"W
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport KBHM BHM United States 33°33'46"N, 86°45'12"W
Blue Grass Airport KLEX LEX United States 38°2'11"N, 84°36'21"W
Boeing Field King County International Airport KBFI BFI United States 47°31'47"N, 122°18'7"W
Boise Air Terminal/Gowen field KBOI BOI United States 43°33'51"N, 116°13'22"W
Bradley International Airport KBDL BDL United States 41°56'20"N, 72°40'59"W
Buffalo Niagara International Airport KBUF BUF United States 42°56'25"N, 78°43'55"W
Cannon Air Force Base KCVS United States 34°22'58"N, 103°19'19"W
Casper-Natrona County International Airport KCPR CPR United States 42°54'28"N, 106°27'50"W
Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal KBMI BMI United States 40°28'37"N, 88°54'57"W
Charleston Air Force Base-International Airport KCHS CHS United States 32°53'54"N, 80°2'25"W
Charlotte Douglas International Airport KCLT CLT United States 35°12'50"N, 80°56'35"W
Chicago Midway International Airport KMDW MDW United States 41°47'9"N, 87°45'8"W
Chicago O'Hare International Airport KORD ORD United States 41°58'42"N, 87°54'17"W
Chicago Rockford International Airport KRFD RFD United States 42°11'43"N, 89°5'49"W
Chisholm Hibbing Airport KHIB HIB United States 47°23'11"N, 92°50'20"W
Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport KCVG CVG United States 39°2'55"N, 84°40'4"W
City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport KCOS COS United States 38°48'20"N, 104°42'3"W
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport KCLE CLE United States 41°24'42"N, 81°50'59"W
CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR URGENT LOAN US-6372 United States 42°17'13"N, 68°54'22"E
CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR URGENT LOAN US-6373 United States 42°17'13"N, 68°54'22"E
CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR URGENT LOAN US-6374 United States 42°17'13"N, 68°54'22"E
CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR URGENT LOAN US-6375 United States 42°17'13"N, 68°54'22"E
Columbia Metropolitan Airport KCAE CAE United States 33°56'19"N, 81°7'10"W
Columbus Air Force Base KCBM United States 33°38'37"N, 88°26'37"W
Corpus Christi International Airport KCRP CRP United States 27°46'13"N, 97°30'4"W
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport KDFW DFW United States 32°53'48"N, 97°2'16"W
Dallas Love Field KDAL DAL United States 32°50'49"N, 96°51'6"W
Dane County Regional Truax Field KMSN MSN United States 43°8'23"N, 89°20'15"W
Denver International Airport KDEN DEN United States 39°51'42"N, 104°40'22"W
Des Moines International Airport KDSM DSM United States 41°32'2"N, 93°39'47"W
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport KDTW DTW United States 42°12'44"N, 83°21'12"W
Dobbins Air Reserve Base Airport KMGE United States 33°54'55"N, 84°30'58"W
Dover Air Force Base KDOV United States 39°7'46"N, 75°27'57"W
Dubuque Regional Airport KDBQ DBQ United States 42°24'7"N, 90°42'34"W
Duluth International Airport KDLH DLH United States 46°50'31"N, 92°11'36"W
Dyess Air Force Base KDYS United States 32°25'14"N, 99°51'16"W
Edwards Air Force Base KEDW United States 34°54'19"N, 117°53'2"W
Eglin Air Force Base KVPS VPS United States 30°28'59"N, 86°31'31"W
Erie International Tom Ridge Field KERI ERI United States 42°4'55"N, 80°10'34"W
Fairbanks International Airport PAFA FAI United States 64°48'54"N, 147°51'21"W
Fairchild Air Force Base KSKA United States 47°36'54"N, 117°39'21"W
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport KFLL FLL United States 26°4'21"N, 80°9'9"W
Fort Smith Regional Airport KFSM FSM United States 35°20'11"N, 94°22'2"W
Fort Wayne International Airport KFWA FWA United States 40°58'42"N, 85°11'42"W
Fort Worth Alliance Airport KAFW AFW United States 32°59'15"N, 97°19'7"W
Fort Worth Meacham International Airport KFTW FTW United States 32°49'11"N, 97°21'44"W
General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport KBOS BOS United States 42°21'51"N, 71°0'18"W
General Mitchell International Airport KMKE MKE United States 42°56'49"N, 87°53'47"W
George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport KIAH IAH United States 29°59'3"N, 95°20'29"W
Greater Peoria Regional Airport KPIA PIA United States 40°39'51"N, 89°41'35"W
Greater Rochester International Airport KROC ROC United States 43°7'8"N, 77°40'20"W
Greenville Spartanburg International Airport KGSP GSP United States 34°53'44"N, 82°13'8"W
Grissom ARB Airport KGUS United States 40°38'53"N, 86°9'7"W
Gulfport Biloxi International Airport KGPT GPT United States 30°24'26"N, 89°4'12"W
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport KATL ATL United States 33°38'12"N, 84°25'41"W
Holloman Air Force Base KHMN United States 32°51'9"N, 106°6'25"W
Honolulu International Airport PHNL HNL United States 21°19'7"N, 157°55'19"W
Huntsville International Carl T Jones Field KHSV HSV United States 34°38'13"N, 86°46'30"W
Indianapolis International Airport KIND IND United States 39°43'2"N, 86°17'39"W
Jackson Evers International Airport KJAN JAN United States 32°18'40"N, 90°4'33"W
Jacksonville International Airport KJAX JAX United States 30°29'38"N, 81°41'16"W
James M Cox Dayton International Airport KDAY DAY United States 39°54'8"N, 84°13'9"W
John F Kennedy International Airport KJFK JFK United States 40°38'23"N, 73°46'44"W
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport KSNA SNA United States 33°40'32"N, 117°52'4"W
Joplin Regional Airport KJLN JLN United States 37°9'6"N, 94°29'53"W
Kansas City International Airport KMCI MCI United States 39°17'51"N, 94°42'50"W
La Guardia Airport KLGA LGA United States 40°46'37"N, 73°52'21"W
Lafayette Regional Airport KLFT LFT United States 30°12'19"N, 91°59'15"W
Lambert St Louis International Airport KSTL STL United States 38°44'55"N, 90°22'12"W
Langley Air Force Base KLFI United States 37°4'58"N, 76°21'37"W
Laughlin Air Force Base KDLF United States 29°21'34"N, 100°46'40"W
Los Angeles International Airport KLAX LAX United States 33°56'33"N, 118°24'28"W
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport KMSY MSY United States 29°59'36"N, 90°15'28"W
Louisville International Standiford Field KSDF SDF United States 38°10'27"N, 85°44'9"W
Lovell Field KCHA CHA United States 35°2'7"N, 85°12'13"W
Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport KLBB LBB United States 33°39'48"N, 101°49'22"W
Luke Air Force Base KLUF United States 33°32'5"N, 112°22'58"W
Mac Dill Air Force Base KMCF United States 27°50'57"N, 82°31'16"W
Manchester Airport KMHT MHT United States 42°55'57"N, 71°26'8"W
MBS International Airport KMBS MBS United States 43°31'58"N, 84°4'46"W
McCarran International Airport KLAS LAS United States 36°4'48"N, 115°9'7"W
McChord Air Force Base KTCM United States 47°8'15"N, 122°28'33"W
McGhee Tyson Airport KTYS TYS United States 35°48'39"N, 83°59'38"W
Memphis International Airport KMEM MEM United States 35°2'32"N, 89°58'36"W
Metropolitan Oakland International Airport KOAK OAK United States 37°43'16"N, 122°13'15"W
Miami International Airport KMIA MIA United States 25°47'35"N, 80°17'26"W
Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport KMSP MSP United States 44°52'55"N, 93°13'18"W
Mobile Regional Airport KMOB MOB United States 30°41'28"N, 88°14'34"W
Monroe Regional Airport KMLU MLU United States 32°30'39"N, 92°2'15"W
Montgomery Regional (Dannelly Field) Airport KMGM MGM United States 32°18'2"N, 86°23'38"W
Mountain Home Air Force Base KMUO United States 43°2'36"N, 115°52'19"W
Myrtle Beach International Airport KMYR MYR United States 33°40'46"N, 78°55'41"W
Nashville International Airport KBNA BNA United States 36°7'28"N, 86°40'41"W
Newark Liberty International Airport KEWR EWR United States 40°41'33"N, 74°10'7"W
Newport News Williamsburg International Airport KPHF PHF United States 37°7'54"N, 76°29'34"W
Norfolk International Airport KORF ORF United States 36°53'40"N, 76°12'4"W
Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport KSJC SJC United States 37°21'45"N, 121°55'44"W
Ontario International Airport KONT ONT United States 34°3'21"N, 117°36'3"W
Orlando International Airport KMCO MCO United States 28°25'45"N, 81°18'32"W
Orlando Sanford International Airport KSFB SFB United States 28°46'39"N, 81°14'15"W
Palm Beach International Airport KPBI PBI United States 26°40'59"N, 80°5'44"W
Patrick Air Force Base KCOF United States 28°14'5"N, 80°36'36"W
Philadelphia International Airport KPHL PHL United States 39°52'18"N, 75°14'27"W
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport KPHX PHX United States 33°26'3"N, 112°0'43"W
Piedmont Triad International Airport KGSO GSO United States 36°5'52"N, 79°56'14"W
Pittsburgh International Airport KPIT PIT United States 40°29'29"N, 80°13'58"W
Port Columbus International Airport KCMH CMH United States 39°59'52"N, 82°53'30"W
Portland International Airport KPDX PDX United States 45°35'19"N, 122°35'52"W
Portland International Jetport Airport KPWM PWM United States 43°38'46"N, 70°18'33"W
Quad City International Airport KMLI MLI United States 41°26'54"N, 90°30'26"W
Raleigh Durham International Airport KRDU RDU United States 35°52'39"N, 78°47'14"W
Randolph Air Force Base KRND United States 29°31'46"N, 98°16'44"W
Reno Tahoe International Airport KRNO RNO United States 39°29'56"N, 119°46'4"W
Richmond International Airport KRIC RIC United States 37°30'18"N, 77°19'10"W
Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport KAMA AMA United States 35°13'9"N, 101°42'21"W
Rickenbacker International Airport KLCK United States 39°48'49"N, 82°55'40"W
Roanoke Regional Woodrum Field KROA ROA United States 37°19'31"N, 79°58'31"W
Robins Air Force Base KWRB United States 32°38'24"N, 83°35'30"W
Rochester International Airport KRST RST United States 43°54'29"N, 92°30'0"W
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport KDCA DCA United States 38°51'7"N, 77°2'15"W
Sacramento International Airport KSMF SMF United States 38°41'43"N, 121°35'27"W
Salt Lake City International Airport KSLC SLC United States 40°47'18"N, 111°58'40"W
San Antonio International Airport KSAT SAT United States 29°32'1"N, 98°28'11"W
San Diego International Airport KSAN SAN United States 32°44'0"N, 117°11'24"W
San Francisco International Airport KSFO SFO United States 37°37'8"N, 122°22'30"W
Sarasota Bradenton International Airport KSRQ SRQ United States 27°23'43"N, 82°33'15"W
Savannah Hilton Head International Airport KSAV SAV United States 32°7'39"N, 81°12'7"W
Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport KBLV United States 38°32'42"N, 89°50'6"W
Seattle Tacoma International Airport KSEA SEA United States 47°26'56"N, 122°18'32"W
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base KGSB United States 35°20'21"N, 77°57'38"W
Shaw Air Force Base KSSC United States 33°58'21"N, 80°28'14"W
Sheppard Air Force Base-Wichita Falls Municipal Airport KSPS SPS United States 33°59'19"N, 98°29'30"W
Shreveport Regional Airport KSHV SHV United States 32°26'47"N, 93°49'32"W
Sioux Gateway Col. Bud Day Field KSUX SUX United States 42°24'9"N, 96°23'3"W
South Bend Regional Airport KSBN SBN United States 41°42'31"N, 86°19'2"W
Southwest Florida International Airport KRSW RSW United States 26°32'10"N, 81°45'18"W
Spirit of St Louis Airport KSUS United States 38°39'43"N, 90°39'7"W
Spokane International Airport KGEG GEG United States 47°37'11"N, 117°32'2"W
Springfield Branson National Airport KSGF SGF United States 37°14'44"N, 93°23'18"W
Syracuse Hancock International Airport KSYR SYR United States 43°6'40"N, 76°6'22"W
Tallahassee Regional Airport KTLH TLH United States 30°23'47"N, 84°21'1"W
Tampa International Airport KTPA TPA United States 27°58'31"N, 82°31'59"W
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport PANC ANC United States 61°10'27"N, 149°59'45"W
The Eastern Iowa Airport KCID CID United States 41°53'4"N, 91°42'38"W
Tinker Air Force Base KTIK United States 35°24'52"N, 97°23'11"W
Toledo Express Airport KTOL TOL United States 41°35'12"N, 83°48'28"W
Travis Air Force Base KSUU United States 38°15'45"N, 121°55'37"W
Tri Cities Regional Tn Va Airport KTRI TRI United States 36°28'30"N, 82°24'26"W
Tri-State/Milton J. Ferguson Field KHTS HTS United States 38°22'0"N, 82°33'28"W
Tucson International Airport KTUS TUS United States 32°6'57"N, 110°56'27"W
Tulsa International Airport KTUL TUL United States 36°11'54"N, 95°53'17"W
Tyndall Air Force Base KPAM United States 30°4'10"N, 85°34'31"W
Vance Air Force Base KEND United States 36°20'21"N, 97°54'59"W
Vandenberg Air Force Base KVBG United States 34°44'14"N, 120°35'2"W
Washington Dulles International Airport KIAD IAD United States 38°56'40"N, 77°27'20"W
Whiteman Air Force Base KSZL United States 38°43'49"N, 93°32'52"W
Wichita Mid Continent Airport KICT ICT United States 37°38'59"N, 97°25'59"W
Will Rogers World Airport KOKC OKC United States 35°23'35"N, 97°36'2"W
William P Hobby Airport KHOU HOU United States 29°38'43"N, 95°16'44"W
Wright Patterson Air Force Base KFFO United States 39°49'33"N, 84°2'53"W
Yeager Airport KCRW CRW United States 38°22'23"N, 81°35'35"W