Airports in Northern Territory

Name ICAO IATA Country Coordinates
Alcoota Station Airport YALC Australia 22°49'59"S, 134°26'59"E
Alexandria Homestead Airport YALX AXL Australia 19°3'36"S, 136°42'36"E
Alice Springs Airport YBAS ASP Australia 23°48'24"S, 133°54'7"E
Allambie Airport YALM Australia 24°16'0"S, 134°23'59"E
Alroy Downs Airport AYD Australia 19°17'26"S, 136°4'44"E
Amburla Airport YABU Australia 23°19'59"S, 133°10'58"E
Ammaroo Airport YAMM AMX Australia 21°44'17"S, 135°14'31"E
Ampilatwatja Airport YAMJ Australia 21°39'18"S, 135°13'47"E
Andado Airport YADO Australia 25°24'42"S, 135°17'23"E
Anningie Airport YANN Australia 21°49'54"S, 133°7'30"E
Annitowa Airport YANW Australia 21°12'0"S, 136°26'52"E
Anthony Lagoon Airport YANL AYL Australia 18°1'5"S, 135°32'6"E
Arapunya Airport YARP Australia 22°19'0"S, 135°41'59"E
Areyonga Airport YARN Australia 24°4'0"S, 132°16'1"E
Argadargada Airport YARD Australia 21°40'36"S, 136°40'40"E
Atula Airport YATL Australia 23°16'59"S, 136°22'1"E
Austral Downs Airport YAUS AWP Australia 20°30'0"S, 137°45'0"E
Auvergne Airport YAUV AVG Australia 15°41'59"S, 130°0'0"E
Avon Downs Airport YAVD Australia 20°1'59"S, 137°31'1"E
Ayers Rock Connellan Airport YAYE AYQ Australia 25°11'9"S, 130°58'33"E
Baikal Airport YIKL Australia 22°45'47"S, 136°9'46"E
Bamyili Airport YBMY Australia 14°31'12"S, 132°52'58"E
Baniyala Airport BYX Australia 13°11'53"S, 136°13'37"E
Barkly Wayside Inn Airport YBKS Australia 19°42'33"S, 135°49'8"E
Barrow Creek Airport YBRC Australia 21°31'59"S, 133°52'58"E
Batchelor Airport YBCR Australia 13°4'0"S, 131°1'58"E
Bathurst Island Airport YBTI BRT Australia 11°46'9"S, 130°37'11"E
Bauhinia Downs Airport YBAH Australia 16°7'59"S, 135°28'1"E
Benmara Airport YBNM Australia 17°56'12"S, 136°53'59"E
Birrindudu Airport YBDU Australia 18°22'59"S, 129°28'58"E
Bond Springs Airport YBSP Australia 23°30'53"S, 133°50'34"E
Borroloola Airport YBRL BOX Australia 16°4'31"S, 136°18'7"E
Brunchilly Airport YBNY Australia 18°52'12"S, 134°27'43"E
Brunette Downs Airport YBRU Australia 18°38'23"S, 135°56'16"E
Bullo River Valley Airport YBVY Australia 15°28'0"S, 129°46'1"E
Camfield Airport YCFD CFI Australia 17°1'18"S, 131°19'37"E
Cannon Hill Community Airport YCAN Australia 12°22'0"S, 132°56'59"E
Canteen Creek Airport YCCK Australia 20°39'2"S, 135°35'6"E
Cape Crawford Airport YCCF Australia 16°40'59"S, 135°43'58"E
Cape Don Airport YCPD Australia 11°17'53"S, 131°49'37"E
Cape Wessels Airport YCWE Australia 11°0'0"S, 136°45'0"E
Cattle Creek Airport CTR Australia 17°36'25"S, 131°32'56"E
Cattle Creek Airport YCAC Australia 17°37'0"S, 131°33'0"E
Coniston Airport YCNS Australia 22°7'59"S, 132°31'58"E
Cooinda Airport YCOO CDA Australia 12°54'11"S, 132°31'55"E
Coolibah Airport COB Australia 15°32'53"S, 130°57'43"E
Cresswell Downs Airport CSD Australia 17°56'52"S, 135°54'57"E
Croker Island Airport YCKI CKI Australia 11°9'53"S, 132°28'58"E
Curtin Springs Airport YCSP Australia 25°19'0"S, 131°45'0"E
Daly River Airport YDMN DVR Australia 13°44'59"S, 130°41'37"E
Daly Waters Airport YDLW Australia 16°15'0"S, 133°22'1"E
Darwin International Airport YPDN DRW Australia 12°24'52"S, 130°52'37"E
Deep Well Airport YDPW Australia 24°17'59"S, 134°7'58"E
Delamere Range Facility Airport YDWF Australia 15°44'48"S, 131°55'11"E
Delamere Station Airport YDMR Australia 15°37'11"S, 131°38'13"E
Delissaville Airport YDLV DLV Australia 12°33'0"S, 130°41'5"E
Delmore Downs Airport YDLD Australia 22°27'30"S, 134°53'2"E
Derry Downs Airport YDYD Australia 22°4'59"S, 135°19'58"E
Dhalinbuy Airport YDHL Australia 12°24'47"S, 136°32'13"E
Dneiper Airport YDPR Australia 22°37'0"S, 135°11'59"E
Docker River Airport YDVR DKV Australia 24°51'36"S, 129°4'12"E
Elcho Island Airport YELD ELC Australia 12°1'9"S, 135°34'15"E
Elkedra Airport YELK Australia 21°10'0"S, 135°25'58"E
Elkedra Airport EKD Australia 21°10'21"S, 135°26'38"E
Elliott Airport YELL Australia 17°31'38"S, 133°31'47"E
Emkaytee (Unlic) Airport YMKT Australia 12°37'0"S, 131°3'0"E
Epenarra Airport YEPR Australia 20°25'59"S, 135°16'1"E
Erldunda Airport EDD Australia 25°12'20"S, 133°15'14"E
Erldunda Airport YERL Australia 25°13'0"S, 133°15'0"E
Eva Downs Airport YEVA EVD Australia 18°0'3"S, 134°51'46"E
Finke Airport YFNE FIK Australia 25°35'40"S, 134°34'58"E
Gallipolli Airport YGLP Australia 19°8'30"S, 137°52'26"E
Gan Gan Airport YGAN Australia 13°4'0"S, 135°56'59"E
Garden Point Airport YGPT GPN Australia 11°24'9"S, 130°25'19"E
Goomadeer Airport YGMD Australia 12°6'0"S, 133°40'1"E
Gove Airport YPGV GOV Australia 12°16'9"S, 136°49'4"E
Groote Eylandt Airport YGTE GTE Australia 13°58'30"S, 136°27'36"E
Haasts Bluff Airport YHAA Australia 23°27'17"S, 131°51'10"E
Harts Range Airport YHTS Australia 22°59'6"S, 134°55'4"E
Henbury Airport YHBY Australia 24°32'59"S, 133°13'1"E
Hermannsburg Airport YHMB HMG Australia 23°55'48"S, 132°48'17"E
Hodgson Downs Airport YHDD Australia 15°13'18"S, 134°4'33"E
Hodgson River Airport YHOV Australia 15°31'0"S, 134°4'1"E
Hooker Creek Airport YHOO HOK Australia 18°20'12"S, 130°38'16"E
Horseshoe Bend Airport YHSB Australia 25°13'0"S, 134°16'1"E
Howard Island Airport YHOA Australia 12°5'42"S, 135°21'43"E
Huckitta Airport YHKT Australia 22°56'35"S, 135°26'49"E
Hugh River Airport YHGR Australia 24°25'0"S, 133°41'59"E
Humbert River Airport YHBR HUB Australia 16°29'22"S, 130°37'49"E
Idracowra Airport YIDR Australia 25°3'47"S, 133°43'58"E
Imanpa Airport YIMA Australia 25°7'59"S, 132°34'12"E
Impadna Airport YIMP Australia 25°8'59"S, 133°34'58"E
Innesvale Airport YISV Australia 15°22'59"S, 131°16'1"E
Inverway Airport YINW IVW Australia 17°50'27"S, 129°38'34"E
Jabiru Airport YJAB JAB Australia 12°39'29"S, 132°53'34"E
Jervois Airport YJVS Australia 22°54'47"S, 136°7'11"E
Jervois Mine Airport YJVM Australia 22°37'59"S, 136°16'1"E
Jinka Airport YJNK Australia 22°57'0"S, 135°43'58"E
Kalkgurung Airport YKKG KFG Australia 17°25'54"S, 130°48'28"E
Katherine Gorge Airport YKHG Australia 14°23'18"S, 132°23'34"E
Kiana Station Airport YKIA Australia 17°14'30"S, 136°10'30"E
Kidman Springs Airport YKDM Australia 16°7'0"S, 130°57'10"E
Kildurk Airport YKIL Australia 16°25'54"S, 129°36'54"E
Killarney Airport YKLE Australia 16°15'0"S, 131°44'49"E
Kings Canyon Airport YKCA Australia 24°15'36"S, 131°29'24"E
Kings Creek Airport YKCS KCS Australia 24°25'23"S, 131°50'6"E
Kintore Airport YKNT Australia 23°15'53"S, 129°23'13"E
Kirkimbie Station Airport YKIR KBB Australia 17°46'45"S, 129°12'36"E
Kulgera Airport KGR Australia 25°50'34"S, 133°17'31"E
Lake Evella Airport YLEV LEL Australia 12°29'56"S, 135°48'21"E
Lake Nash Airport YLKN Australia 20°58'0"S, 137°55'1"E
Legune Airport YLGU Australia 15°13'0"S, 129°26'52"E
Lilla Creek Airport YLLC Australia 25°34'0"S, 134°0'0"E
Limbunya Airport LIB Australia 17°14'8"S, 129°52'55"E
Limbunya Station Airport YLIM Australia 17°15'0"S, 129°52'58"E
Lucy Creek Airport YLUC Australia 22°28'0"S, 136°16'1"E
Macdonald Downs Airport MNW Australia 22°26'38"S, 135°11'56"E
Macdonald Downs Airport YMDS Australia 22°28'0"S, 135°13'58"E
Mallapunyah Springs Airport YMYH Australia 16°58'0"S, 135°46'58"E
Maningrida Airport YMGD MNG Australia 12°3'21"S, 134°14'2"E
Manners Creek Airport YMCR MFP Australia 22°6'0"S, 137°58'58"E
Mararanka Homestead Airport YMKA Australia 14°55'54"S, 133°7'30"E
Marqua Airport YMQA MQE Australia 22°48'20"S, 137°15'3"E
Maryvale Airport YMYV Australia 24°39'35"S, 134°1'55"E
McArthur River Mine Airport YMHU MCV Australia 16°26'32"S, 136°5'2"E
Mereenie Airport YMEI Australia 23°58'36"S, 131°33'43"E
Milingimbi Airport YMGB MGT Australia 12°5'39"S, 134°53'38"E
Milton Park Airport YMPK Australia 23°22'0"S, 133°0'0"E
Minjilang Airport YMIJ Australia 11°9'29"S, 132°32'49"E
Mittebah Airport YMTA Australia 18°47'59"S, 137°0'0"E
Mooloola Homestead Airport YOOO Australia 16°19'59"S, 131°30'0"E
Mount Allan Airport YMNA Australia 22°16'29"S, 132°13'1"E
Mount Borradale Airport YMUE Australia 12°5'53"S, 132°54'25"E
Mount Bundey Airport YMDY Australia 12°53'24"S, 131°54'28"E
Mount Cavenagh Airport YMVG Australia 25°58'0"S, 133°11'59"E
Mount Denison Airport YMNN Australia 22°8'30"S, 132°4'12"E
Mount Ebenezer Airport YMBZ Australia 25°10'0"S, 132°37'58"E
Mount Liebig Airport YLBG Australia 23°14'35"S, 131°15'35"E
Mount Riddock Airport YMDK Australia 23°1'59"S, 134°40'58"E
Mount Sanford Station Airport YMSF MTD Australia 16°58'41"S, 130°33'17"E
Mount Skinner Airport YMSK Australia 22°10'59"S, 134°7'1"E
Mount Swan Airport YMNS Australia 22°36'0"S, 135°1'1"E
Mount Valley Airport YMVY Australia 14°4'59"S, 133°49'1"E
Mount Wedge Airport YMWE Australia 22°44'13"S, 132°9'3"E
Mulga Park Airport YMUP Australia 25°53'59"S, 131°40'1"E
Mulga Park Airport MUP Australia 25°51'36"S, 131°38'59"E
Murray Downs Airport YMYW Australia 21°2'53"S, 134°40'58"E
Nabarlek Airport YNAB Australia 12°18'29"S, 133°18'46"E
Napperby Airport YNPB Australia 22°31'59"S, 133°45'46"E
Narwietooma Airport YNWT Australia 23°13'59"S, 132°37'58"E
Nelson Springs Airport YNES Australia 17°17'59"S, 129°16'58"E
New Crown Airport YNCS Australia 25°40'0"S, 134°49'58"E
New Haven Airport YNHV Australia 22°43'41"S, 131°8'42"E
Ngukurr Airport YNGU RPM Australia 14°43'22"S, 134°44'49"E
Nudjaburra Airport YNUJ Australia 17°58'0"S, 137°55'58"E
Numbulwar Airport YNUM NUB Australia 14°16'18"S, 135°43'1"E
Numery Airport YNUE Australia 23°58'59"S, 135°23'59"E
Nutwood Downs Airport YNUT Australia 15°49'0"S, 134°8'59"E
Nyrripi Airport YNRR Australia 22°38'43"S, 130°33'54"E
Oenpelli Airport YOEN OPI Australia 12°19'29"S, 133°0'21"E
Old Andado Airport YOAD Australia 25°22'59"S, 135°25'1"E
Ooratippra Airport YORT Australia 21°54'20"S, 136°4'8"E
Palmer Airport YPME Australia 12°49'59"S, 130°55'58"E
Palumpa Airport YPUA Australia 14°19'59"S, 129°52'1"E
Papunya Airport YPAY Australia 23°14'48"S, 131°54'10"E
Peppimenarti Airport PEP Australia 14°8'39"S, 130°5'27"E
Pigeon Hole Airport YPGH Australia 16°49'0"S, 131°13'1"E
Pine Creek Airport YPNC Australia 13°49'59"S, 131°49'58"E
Port Keats Airport YPKT PKT Australia 14°15'0"S, 129°31'44"E
Rabbit Flat Airport YRBT Australia 20°10'59"S, 130°1'1"E
Ramingining Airport YRNG RAM Australia 12°21'23"S, 134°53'52"E
Raymangirr Airport YRRR Australia 12°19'59"S, 135°38'59"E
Redbank Mine Airport YRBM Australia 17°10'59"S, 137°46'1"E
Ringwood Airport YRNW Australia 23°49'41"S, 134°57'43"E
Riveren Airport YRVE Australia 17°53'59"S, 130°13'1"E
Robinson River Airport YRBR Australia 16°43'5"S, 136°56'42"E
Rockhampton Downs Airport RDA Australia 18°57'11"S, 135°12'3"E
Roper Bar Airport YRRB Australia 14°44'17"S, 134°31'4"E
Ross River Airport YROV Australia 23°35'57"S, 134°31'1"E
Saipem Airport YSAI Australia 23°42'0"S, 131°52'1"E
Santa Teresa Airport YSTT Australia 24°7'5"S, 134°23'23"E
Smith Point Airport YSMP SHU Australia 11°8'59"S, 132°8'59"E
Snake Bay Airport YSNB SNB Australia 11°25'22"S, 130°39'14"E
Soudan Station Airport YSDN Australia 20°2'59"S, 137°1'1"E
South Goulburn Is Airport YGBI GBL Australia 11°38'59"S, 133°22'55"E
Supplejack Downs Airport YSUJ Australia 19°16'0"S, 129°56'59"E
Tanami Airport YTMN Australia 19°55'0"S, 129°43'30"E
Tanami Downs Airport YTAN Australia 20°34'25"S, 129°44'24"E
Tanumbirini Airport YTNR Australia 16°27'0"S, 134°38'59"E
Tarlton Downs Airport YTLT Australia 22°37'59"S, 136°48'0"E
Tempe Downs Airport YTPE Australia 24°22'56"S, 132°25'22"E
Tennant Creek Airport YTNK TCA Australia 19°38'3"S, 134°10'58"E
The Garden Airport YGDR Australia 23°17'12"S, 134°26'24"E
The Granites Airport YTGT Australia 20°32'53"S, 130°20'49"E
Ti Tree Airport YTIT Australia 22°7'54"S, 133°25'11"E
Timber Creek Airport YTBR TBK Australia 15°37'11"S, 130°26'42"E
Tindal Airport YPTN KTR Australia 14°31'15"S, 132°22'40"E
Tobermorey Airport YTMY TYP Australia 22°15'20"S, 137°57'10"E
Ucharonidge Airport YUCH Australia 17°40'20"S, 134°14'27"E
Umbeara Airport YUMB Australia 25°44'48"S, 133°42'7"E
Urapunga Airport YUPG Australia 14°43'0"S, 134°34'1"E
Utopia Airport YUTP Australia 22°3'18"S, 134°47'23"E
Utopia Station Airport YUTS Australia 22°13'59"S, 134°34'48"E
Vashon Head Airport YVSH Australia 11°8'59"S, 131°58'58"E
Vaughan Springs Airport YVNS Australia 22°19'59"S, 130°52'1"E
Victoria River Downs Airport YVRD VCD Australia 16°24'7"S, 131°0'17"E
Walhallow Airport YWHL Australia 17°46'0"S, 135°38'59"E
Walker River Airport YWRV Australia 13°35'35"S, 135°45'18"E
Wallara Ranch Airport YWLH Australia 24°38'59"S, 132°19'1"E
Warrabri Airport YWBI Australia 21°0'0"S, 134°23'49"E
Waterloo Airport YWTL WLO Australia 16°37'47"S, 129°19'12"E
Wauchope Airport YWAC Australia 20°38'59"S, 134°13'1"E
Wave Hill Airport YWAV WAV Australia 17°23'35"S, 131°7'4"E
Willowra Airport YWLA Australia 21°16'36"S, 132°37'22"E
Wilson's Camp Airport YWCM Australia 20°6'5"S, 129°7'33"E
Wollogorang Airport YWOR Australia 17°13'11"S, 137°55'22"E
Yarralin Airport YAAL Australia 16°26'40"S, 130°52'51"E
Yuendumu Airport YYND YUE Australia 22°15'15"S, 131°46'55"E