Name Routes in Database In Service IATA
Iran Aseman Airlines 192 yes IRC
Iran Air 175 yes IRA
Caspian Airlines 27 yes CPN
Logo of Kish Air Kish Air 25 yes IRK
Mahan Air 15 yes IRM
Fars Air Qeshm 0 yes QFZ
Parmiss Airlines (IPV) 0 yes IPV
Aban Air 0 no ABE
Aram Airline 0 no IRW
Aria Tour 0 no IRX
Arvand Airlines 0 no IRD
Atlas Aviation Group 0 no IRH
Bonyad Airlines 0 no IRJ
Chabahar Airlines 0 no IRU
Eram Air 0 no IRY
Logo of Iranair Tours Iranair Tours 0 no IRB
Khoezestan Photros Air Lines 0 no KHP
Naft Air Lines 0 no IRG
Navid 0 no IRI
Pariz Air 0 no IRE
Pars Aviation Service 0 no PRA
Payam Air 0 no IRP
Qeshm Air 0 no IRQ
Safat Airlines 0 no IRV
Safiran Airlines 0 no SFN
Saha Airlines Services 0 no IRZ
TA-Air Airline 0 no IRF
Taban Air Lines 0 no TBM
Taftan Airlines 0 no SBT
Tara Air Line 0 no IRR
Tehran Airline 0 no THR
Zagros Airlines 0 no IZG