Airports in New South Wales

Name ICAO IATA Country Coordinates
Acacia Downs Airport YACS Australia 31°25'0"S, 141°53'59"E
Adaminaby Airport YADY Australia 35°58'59"S, 148°48'0"E
Adaminaby Airport YADI Australia 35°59'52"S, 148°47'45"E
Aeropelican Airport YPEC BEO Australia 33°4'0"S, 151°38'52"E
Albury Airport YMAY ABX Australia 36°4'4"S, 146°57'28"E
Allandy Airport YALN Australia 30°22'59"S, 142°36'0"E
Ardlethan Airport YARL Australia 34°22'0"S, 146°52'58"E
Armidale Airport YARM ARM Australia 30°31'41"S, 151°37'1"E
Ashford Airport YASF Australia 29°19'0"S, 151°3'0"E
Bakblok Airport YASS Australia 34°53'12"S, 149°0'53"E
Ballina Byron Gateway Airport YBNA BNK Australia 28°50'2"S, 153°33'43"E
Balranald Airport YBRN BZD Australia 34°37'24"S, 143°34'40"E
Baradine Airport YBAD Australia 30°57'17"S, 149°5'31"E
Barraba Airport YBBA Australia 30°22'59"S, 150°36'0"E
Bathurst Airport YBTH BHS Australia 33°24'33"S, 149°39'7"E
Beechworth Airport YBEW Australia 31°55'0"S, 144°37'58"E
Binda YBID Australia 34°18'11"S, 149°21'36"E
Bindook Airport YBIK Australia 34°10'0"S, 150°6'0"E
Bingara Airport YBIA Australia 29°47'59"S, 150°31'58"E
Biniguy Airport YBGY Australia 29°30'17"S, 150°11'31"E
Blackville Airport YBVL Australia 31°34'59"S, 150°10'58"E
Boggabri Airport YBOG Australia 30°43'0"S, 150°3'0"E
Bombala Airport YBMO Australia 36°54'17"S, 149°10'55"E
Bombala Airport YBOM Australia 36°55'0"S, 149°10'1"E
Boolcarrol Station Airport YBCL Australia 30°2'59"S, 149°25'1"E
Boomi Airport YBMI Australia 28°43'59"S, 149°34'58"E
Bourke Airport YBKE BRK Australia 30°2'21"S, 145°57'7"E
Braidwood Airport YBAO Australia 35°27'0"S, 149°51'0"E
Breeza Airport YBZA Australia 31°19'0"S, 150°31'1"E
Brewarrina Airport YBRW BWQ Australia 29°58'26"S, 146°49'1"E
Broken Hill Airport YBHI BHQ Australia 32°0'5"S, 141°28'19"E
Burren Junction Airport YBRJ Australia 30°9'29"S, 148°58'30"E
Buttabone Airport YBTT Australia 31°21'29"S, 147°37'58"E
Byrock Airport YBYR Australia 30°40'0"S, 146°23'59"E
Cabramurra Airport YCUR Australia 35°55'36"S, 148°23'33"E
Calga Airport YCAA Australia 33°24'11"S, 151°12'43"E
Camden Airport YSCN CDU Australia 34°2'25"S, 150°41'13"E
Camden Haven Airport YCMH Australia 31°39'54"S, 152°44'31"E
Canowindra Airport YCWW Australia 33°32'34"S, 148°39'46"E
Carinda Airport YCRA Australia 30°27'29"S, 147°42'28"E
Casino Airport YCAS CSI Australia 28°52'58"S, 153°4'1"E
Cassilis Rotherw Airport YCSI Australia 32°0'7"S, 149°57'39"E
Cessnock Airport YCNK CES Australia 32°47'14"S, 151°20'31"E
Clare Station Airport YCLA Australia 33°24'24"S, 143°56'24"E
Cobar Airport YCBA CAZ Australia 31°32'17"S, 145°47'38"E
Cobden Airport YCDE Australia 38°19'35"S, 143°3'23"E
Coffs Harbour Airport YSCH CFS Australia 30°19'14"S, 153°6'57"E
Coleambally Airport YCLY Australia 34°47'59"S, 145°51'0"E
Collarenebri Airport YCBR CRB Australia 29°31'18"S, 148°34'55"E
Collector Airport YCLT Australia 34°52'59"S, 149°25'1"E
Collector2 Airport YWDR Australia 34°56'20"S, 149°24'36"E
Collymongle Airport YCLM Australia 29°27'11"S, 148°44'34"E
Conargo Airport YCNO Australia 35°19'0"S, 145°7'1"E
Condobolin Airport YCDO CBX Australia 33°3'51"S, 147°12'32"E
Coolah Airport YCAH CLH Australia 31°46'23"S, 149°36'36"E
Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport YCOM OOM Australia 36°18'2"S, 148°58'26"E
Cooma/Polo Flat (Unlic) Airport YPFT Australia 36°13'47"S, 149°8'59"E
Coonabarabran Airport YCBB COJ Australia 31°19'57"S, 149°16'1"E
Coonamble Airport YCNM CNB Australia 30°58'59"S, 148°22'33"E
Cooranga Airport YCNX Australia 29°4'0"S, 150°46'1"E
Cootamundra Airport YCTM CMD Australia 34°37'26"S, 148°1'40"E
Corona Station Airport YCNA Australia 31°17'26"S, 141°27'7"E
Corowa Airport YCOR CWW Australia 35°59'40"S, 146°21'25"E
Cowra Airport YCWR CWT Australia 33°50'40"S, 148°38'56"E
Crookwell Airport YCRL Australia 34°30'0"S, 149°26'59"E
Cudal Airport YCUA CUG Australia 33°16'41"S, 148°45'46"E
Cuthero Airport YCUT Australia 33°1'59"S, 142°1'1"E
Dallas Airport YDAL Australia 34°34'0"S, 146°10'58"E
Darnick Airport YDNK Australia 32°52'59"S, 143°34'58"E
Delegate Airport YDEG Australia 37°3'41"S, 148°56'31"E
Deniliquin Airport YDLQ Australia 35°33'33"S, 144°56'45"E
Dochra Airfield YDOC Australia 32°39'0"S, 151°12'28"E
Dubbo City Regional Airport YSDU DBO Australia 32°13'0"S, 148°34'29"E
Dunmore Manila Airport YDNR Australia 30°39'29"S, 150°52'30"E
Elderslie Airport YELR Australia 32°37'0"S, 151°19'58"E
Elderslie Airport YEES Australia 32°35'58"S, 151°20'23"E
Elengerah Airport YELG Australia 31°51'0"S, 147°58'58"E
Engonnia Airport YEGA Australia 29°19'0"S, 145°49'58"E
Euabalong Airport YEAB Australia 33°7'0"S, 146°26'59"E
Eulalia Airport YEUL Australia 31°1'59"S, 148°10'30"E
Evans Head Aerodrome YEVD EVH Australia 29°5'35"S, 153°25'11"E
Fairview Airport YFVW Australia 32°47'20"S, 148°43'12"E
Federation Hsd Airport YFDN Australia 35°0'42"S, 147°22'26"E
Finley Airport YFIL FLY Australia 35°40'0"S, 145°33'0"E
Forbes Airport YFBS FRB Australia 33°21'48"S, 147°56'5"E
Forster (Wallis Is) Airport YFST FOT Australia 32°12'15"S, 152°28'44"E
Gilgandra Airport YGIL Australia 31°42'11"S, 148°38'16"E
Glen Innes Airport YGLI GLI Australia 29°40'29"S, 151°41'20"E
Glencoe Airport YGLN Australia 31°37'0"S, 148°11'59"E
Gloucester Airport YGCR Australia 32°2'59"S, 151°58'58"E
Gold Coast Airport YBCG OOL Australia 28°9'51"S, 153°30'18"E
Goodooga Airport YGDA Australia 29°4'23"S, 147°22'33"E
Goolgowi Airport YGGI Australia 34°0'0"S, 145°43'1"E
Goonoo Goonoo Airport YGGO Australia 31°19'0"S, 150°55'1"E
Gosford Airport YXGS Australia 33°22'5"S, 151°18'0"E
Goulburn Airport YGLB GUL Australia 34°48'37"S, 149°43'33"E
Grafton Airport YGFN GFN Australia 29°45'33"S, 153°1'47"E
Greenbah Airport YGAH Australia 30°7'32"S, 149°26'4"E
Greenthorpe Airport YGTP Australia 33°58'59"S, 148°25'1"E
Grenfell Airport YGNF Australia 34°0'0"S, 148°7'58"E
Griffith Airport YGTH GFF Australia 34°15'2"S, 146°4'1"E
Gunnedah Airport YGDH GUH Australia 30°57'39"S, 150°15'3"E
Haddon Rig Airport YHRG Australia 31°28'7"S, 147°53'42"E
Harden Airport YHAE Australia 34°33'26"S, 148°23'16"E
Hay Airport YHAY HXX Australia 34°31'53"S, 144°49'48"E
Heathcote Emergency Airport YHCT Australia 31°14'25"S, 151°25'55"E
Hillston Airport YHLS Australia 33°29'35"S, 145°31'22"E
Holbrook Airport YHBK Australia 35°40'59"S, 147°19'1"E
Holsworthy (Military) Airport YSHW Australia 33°59'41"S, 150°57'7"E
Inverell Airport YIVL IVR Australia 29°53'17"S, 151°8'38"E
Inverell North Airport YINO Australia 29°46'0"S, 151°10'1"E
Ivanhoe Airport YIVO Australia 32°52'59"S, 144°18'35"E
Jemalong Airport YJEM Australia 32°24'35"S, 147°40'11"E
Jerilderie Airport YJER Australia 35°22'11"S, 145°43'30"E
Jindabyne Airport YJIN QJD Australia 36°25'36"S, 148°36'7"E
Katoomba Airport YKAT Australia 33°40'5"S, 150°19'22"E
Kayrunnera Airport YKAY Australia 30°40'59"S, 142°31'58"E
Kelvin Station Airport YKEL Australia 30°39'18"S, 151°38'16"E
Kempsey Airport YKMP KPS Australia 31°4'27"S, 152°46'12"E
Khancoban Airport YKHA Australia 36°13'59"S, 148°7'1"E
Lake Cargelligo Airport YLCG Australia 33°16'41"S, 146°22'11"E
Lake Keepit Airport YKEP Australia 30°53'27"S, 150°31'34"E
Lambrook Airport YLMB Australia 31°6'0"S, 149°55'58"E
Langawirra Airport YLAN Australia 31°27'0"S, 142°7'58"E
Leeton Airport YLEE Australia 34°30'0"S, 146°25'58"E
Lightning Ridge Airport YLRD LHG Australia 29°27'24"S, 147°59'2"E
Lismore Airport YLIS LSY Australia 28°49'49"S, 153°15'35"E
Lord Howe Island Airport YLHI LDH Australia 31°32'17"S, 159°4'37"E
Louth Airport YLOH Australia 30°32'30"S, 145°6'0"E
Maitland Airport YMND MTL Australia 32°42'11"S, 151°29'16"E
Mangrove Mountain Airport YMVM Australia 33°17'6"S, 151°12'45"E
Menindee Airport YMED Australia 32°22'0"S, 142°24'17"E
Merimbula Airport YMER MIM Australia 36°54'30"S, 149°54'3"E
Middlebrook Station Scone Airstrip Australia 31°58'16"S, 150°48'41"E
Milton Airport YILT Australia 35°19'14"S, 150°26'20"E
Miralwyn Airport YMIR Australia 30°8'59"S, 147°20'6"E
Mittagong Airport YMIG Australia 34°28'0"S, 150°30'0"E
Monolon Airport YMLN Australia 30°12'0"S, 143°13'58"E
Moree Airport YMOR MRZ Australia 29°29'56"S, 149°50'42"E
Moruya Airport YMRY MYA Australia 35°53'52"S, 150°8'38"E
Moulamein Airport YMOM Australia 35°3'30"S, 144°1'16"E
Mount Mcquoid Airport YMQD Australia 33°6'36"S, 151°8'16"E
Mount Sandon Airport YMSO Australia 31°23'23"S, 151°24'36"E
Mudgee Airport YMDG DGE Australia 32°33'45"S, 149°36'39"E
Mullaley Airport YMEY Australia 31°6'0"S, 149°55'1"E
Mungindi Airport YMGI Australia 28°58'0"S, 149°3'28"E
Mungo Lodge Airport YLMU Australia 33°44'44"S, 143°0'4"E
Murwillumbah Airport YMUR Australia 28°19'54"S, 153°24'46"E
Nambucca Heads Airport YNHS NBH Australia 30°38'59"S, 153°0'0"E
Narrabri Airport YNBR NAA Australia 30°19'9"S, 149°49'37"E
Narrandera Airport YNAR NRA Australia 34°42'7"S, 146°30'43"E
Narromine Airport YNRM QRM Australia 32°12'52"S, 148°13'30"E
Newcastle Airport YWLM NTL Australia 32°47'41"S, 151°50'2"E
Norwood Airport YNOR Australia 34°15'0"S, 144°19'58"E
Nowra Airport YSNW NOA Australia 34°56'56"S, 150°32'13"E
Nymagee Airport YNYM Australia 32°2'59"S, 146°19'1"E
Nyngan Airport YNYN NYN Australia 31°33'3"S, 147°12'10"E
Old Bar Heritage Airport YOBR Australia 31°57'55"S, 152°35'27"E
Orange Airport YORG OAG Australia 33°22'54"S, 149°7'58"E
Oxley Station Airport YOLY Australia 31°0'47"S, 147°42'39"E
Palmers Island/Yamba Airport YPLI Australia 29°26'44"S, 153°16'1"E
Parkes Airport YPKS PKE Australia 33°7'53"S, 148°14'20"E
Peak Hill Airport YPKH Australia 32°45'0"S, 148°11'59"E
Pilliga Airport YPLG Australia 30°22'0"S, 148°52'58"E
Pooncarie Airport YPCE Australia 33°22'0"S, 142°35'16"E
Port Macquarie Airport YPMQ PQQ Australia 31°26'8"S, 152°51'46"E
Premer Betoota Airport YPRE Australia 31°28'36"S, 149°54'10"E
Quambone Royona Airport YQBE Australia 30°52'45"S, 147°50'31"E
Questa Park Airport YQUE Australia 30°23'30"S, 143°8'31"E
Quirindi Airport YQDI UIR Australia 31°29'26"S, 150°30'50"E
RAAF Base Richmond YSRI Australia 33°36'2"S, 150°46'51"E
Ravensworth Airport YRWH Australia 34°37'59"S, 144°16'58"E
Rosehill Heliport Airport YRSH Australia 33°49'48"S, 151°1'26"E
Rugby Airport YRUG Australia 34°23'30"S, 148°58'30"E
Scone Airport YSCO NSO Australia 32°2'13"S, 150°49'55"E
Scotia Sanctuary Airport YSCA Australia 33°12'25"S, 141°10'22"E
Singleton Airport YSGT SIX Australia 32°36'2"S, 151°11'35"E
South Grafton Airport YSGR Australia 29°42'29"S, 152°55'40"E
South West Rocks Airport SWRK Australia 30°55'59"S, 153°1'58"E
Sydney Bankstown Airport YSBK BWU Australia 33°55'27"S, 150°59'16"E
Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport YSSY SYD Australia 33°56'45"S, 151°10'37"E
Talbingo Airport YTBG Australia 35°34'59"S, 148°16'58"E
Tambar Springs Airport YTMS Australia 31°18'54"S, 149°50'49"E
Tamworth Airport YSTW TMW Australia 31°5'2"S, 150°50'49"E
Tandou Lake Airport YTAD Australia 32°37'59"S, 142°4'58"E
Taralga Grathawa Airport YTLG Australia 34°17'21"S, 149°46'55"E
Taree Airport YTRE TRO Australia 31°53'18"S, 152°30'50"E
Temora Airport YTEM TEM Australia 34°25'17"S, 147°30'43"E
Tenterfield Airport YTFD Australia 28°59'29"S, 151°55'48"E
The Grove Airport YTGV Australia 34°41'9"S, 148°6'14"E
The Oaks Airport YOAS Australia 34°5'2"S, 150°33'32"E
Tibooburra Airport YTIB TYB Australia 29°27'3"S, 142°3'28"E
Tilpa Airport YTLP Australia 30°55'59"S, 144°25'1"E
Tocumwal Airport YTOC TCW Australia 35°48'42"S, 145°36'28"E
Togo Station Airport YTOG Australia 30°4'55"S, 149°31'55"E
Tooraweenah Airport YTWN Australia 31°26'30"S, 148°53'59"E
Tottenham Airport YTOT Australia 32°14'53"S, 147°22'4"E
Trangie Airport YTGI Australia 31°58'0"S, 148°0'0"E
Tullamore Airport YTLL Australia 32°37'0"S, 147°36'0"E
Tumut Airport YTMU TUM Australia 35°15'46"S, 148°14'27"E
Tuncurry Airport YTNC Australia 32°9'0"S, 152°28'58"E
Tyagarah Airport YTYH Australia 28°36'0"S, 153°33'0"E
Upper Horton Wyl Airport YUPH Australia 30°6'16"S, 150°24'14"E
Wagga Wagga City Airport YSWG WGA Australia 35°9'55"S, 147°27'57"E
Walcha Airport YWCH WLC Australia 31°0'0"S, 151°34'1"E
Walgett Airport YWLG WGE Australia 30°1'58"S, 148°7'33"E
Wallabadah Airport YWBH Australia 31°31'59"S, 150°52'1"E
Wallacia Airport YWLX Australia 33°52'0"S, 150°38'59"E
Wanaaring Airport YWAG Australia 29°43'0"S, 144°10'1"E
Warialda Airport YWRL Australia 29°31'59"S, 150°31'58"E
Warkworth Airport YWKW Australia 32°32'56"S, 151°1'27"E
Warnervale Airport YWVA Australia 33°14'25"S, 151°25'46"E
Warren Airport YWRN QRR Australia 31°43'59"S, 147°48'10"E
Wedderburn Airport YWBN Australia 34°11'12"S, 150°48'17"E
Wee Jasper Airport YWJS Australia 35°15'42"S, 148°40'1"E
Wee Waa Airport YWWA WEW Australia 30°15'29"S, 149°24'28"E
Weilmoringle Airport YWMG Australia 29°13'59"S, 146°55'58"E
Wellington Airport YWEL Australia 32°28'0"S, 148°58'58"E
Wentworth Airport YWTO Australia 34°5'17"S, 141°53'31"E
West Wyalong Airport YWWL Australia 33°56'13"S, 147°11'27"E
Westward Downs Airport YWSD Australia 30°43'30"S, 141°23'59"E
White Cliffs Airport YWHC Australia 30°51'11"S, 143°4'19"E
Wilandra Airport YWIL Australia 31°16'59"S, 142°40'1"E
Wilcannia Airport YWCA WIO Australia 31°31'35"S, 143°22'30"E
Wilton Airport YWIO Australia 34°13'59"S, 150°40'1"E
Wollomombi Airport YWMM Australia 30°31'59"S, 152°4'58"E
Wollongong Airport YWOL WOL Australia 34°33'39"S, 150°47'20"E
Wonnaminta Stat Airport YWMA Australia 30°39'3"S, 142°20'31"E
Woodside Au Airport YWDS Australia 35°7'59"S, 145°40'1"E
Woodville Airport YWVL Australia 30°24'57"S, 151°45'18"E
Woolomin Airport YWOM Australia 31°19'0"S, 151°7'58"E
Yalda Downs Homestead Airport YYLD Australia 30°15'41"S, 142°58'37"E
Yandama Airport YYAA Australia 29°40'59"S, 141°25'30"E
Yass Airport YYAS Australia 34°49'48"S, 149°2'31"E
Young Airport YYNG NGA Australia 34°15'20"S, 148°14'52"E