Airports in Queensland

Name ICAO IATA Country Coordinates
Abingdon Downs Airport YABI Australia 17°37'0"S, 143°10'1"E
Adels Grove Airport YALG Australia 18°42'0"S, 138°31'58"E
Agnes Water Airport YAWT Australia 24°12'0"S, 151°53'49"E
Agnew Airport AGW Australia 12°8'44"S, 142°8'56"E
Albilbah Airport YALH Australia 24°42'0"S, 144°16'58"E
Alderley Airport YALY Australia 22°28'59"S, 139°37'58"E
Alpha Airport YAPH ABH Australia 23°38'45"S, 146°35'2"E
Answer Downs Airport YAND Australia 21°40'0"S, 140°58'58"E
Aramac Airport YAMC AXC Australia 22°58'0"S, 145°14'31"E
Arcadia Airport YACI Australia 25°12'0"S, 148°40'58"E
Ardmore Airport YAOR Australia 21°38'59"S, 139°10'58"E
Arizona 1 Airport YARI Australia 21°40'0"S, 141°34'1"E
Armraynald Airport YAML Australia 17°58'0"S, 139°46'1"E
Arrabury Airport YARY AAB Australia 26°42'0"S, 141°3'0"E
Atherton Airport YATN Australia 17°15'42"S, 145°30'53"E
Augathella Airport YAUA Australia 25°45'17"S, 146°35'13"E
Augustus Downs Airport YAGD AUD Australia 18°30'53"S, 139°52'40"E
Aurukun Airport YAUR AUU Australia 13°21'14"S, 141°43'15"E
Ayr Airport YAYR AYR Australia 19°35'3"S, 147°19'44"E
Badu Island Airport YBAU BDD Australia 10°8'59"S, 142°10'24"E
Ballera Airport YLLE Australia 27°24'29"S, 141°48'28"E
Bamaga Injinoo Airport YBAM ABM Australia 10°57'2"S, 142°27'32"E
Bannockburn Airport YBNC Australia 21°47'59"S, 145°4'58"E
Baralaba YBAB Australia 24°11'12"S, 149°50'41"E
Baralaba YBAB Australia 24°11'12"S, 149°50'41"E
Barcaldine Airport YBAR BCI Australia 23°33'55"S, 145°18'25"E
Barkly Downs Airport YBAW Australia 20°28'59"S, 138°28'1"E
Batavia Downs Airport BVW Australia 12°39'33"S, 142°40'30"E
Batavia Downs Airport YBTV Australia 12°40'0"S, 142°40'1"E
Battery Downs Airport YBTS Australia 19°25'59"S, 145°51'0"E
Bayswater Airport YBYW Australia 25°27'0"S, 145°34'58"E
Bedourie Airport YBIE BEU Australia 24°20'45"S, 139°27'36"E
Bellalie Airport YBLH Australia 27°1'59"S, 142°56'59"E
Bentinck Island Airport YBTK Australia 17°5'12"S, 139°33'56"E
Betoota Airport YBEO BTX Australia 25°38'30"S, 140°46'58"E
Biggenden Airport YBIN Australia 25°31'29"S, 152°3'0"E
Birdsville Airport YBDV BVI Australia 25°53'50"S, 139°20'52"E
Bizant Airport YBIZ Australia 14°45'0"S, 144°6'0"E
Blackall Airport YBCK BKQ Australia 24°25'40"S, 145°25'44"E
Blackwater Airport YBTR BLT Australia 23°36'11"S, 148°48'25"E
Bloomfield Airport BFC Australia 15°52'24"S, 145°19'48"E
Bloomfield River Airport YBMD Australia 15°53'59"S, 145°19'58"E
Boatman Airport YBOT Australia 27°15'0"S, 146°55'1"E
Bodalla Airport YBOD Australia 26°17'59"S, 143°22'58"E
Boigu Airport YBOI GIC Australia 9°13'58"S, 142°13'4"E
Bollon Airport YBLL BLS Australia 28°3'29"S, 147°28'58"E
Bolwarra Airport BCK Australia 17°23'17"S, 144°10'8"E
Bolwarra Airport YBWR Australia 17°23'59"S, 144°10'58"E
Boonah Airport YBOA Australia 28°1'0"S, 152°40'55"E
Boulia Airport YBOU BQL Australia 22°54'47"S, 139°53'59"E
Bowen Airport YBWN ZBO Australia 20°1'5"S, 148°12'53"E
Bowthorn Airport YBWT Australia 18°4'59"S, 138°16'29"E
Brampton Island Airport YBPI BMP Australia 20°48'11"S, 149°16'12"E
Brighton Downs Airport YBTD Australia 23°21'0"S, 143°31'58"E
Brisbane Archerfield Airport YBAF ACF Australia 27°34'13"S, 153°0'28"E
Brisbane International Airport YBBN BNE Australia 27°23'3"S, 153°7'1"E
Budgerygar Airport YBGT Australia 25°22'12"S, 143°46'22"E
Bulimba Airport YBWM Australia 16°52'50"S, 143°28'44"E
Bulleringa Airport YBUX Australia 17°38'59"S, 143°48'0"E
Bundaberg Airport YBUD BDB Australia 24°54'14"S, 152°19'8"E
Bundarra Airport YBUA Australia 21°58'0"S, 148°31'58"E
Burdekin Falls Dam Airport YBWI Australia 20°36'0"S, 147°4'58"E
Burketown Airport YBKT BUC Australia 17°44'54"S, 139°32'2"E
Bushy Park Airport YBHK Australia 21°16'0"S, 139°43'1"E
Caboolture Airport YCAB Australia 27°4'59"S, 152°58'58"E
Cairns International Airport YBCS CNS Australia 16°53'8"S, 145°45'18"E
Caldervale Station Airport YCDV Australia 25°6'29"S, 146°49'58"E
Caloundra Airport YCDR CUD Australia 26°47'59"S, 153°6'0"E
Calton Hills Airport YCTS Australia 20°7'59"S, 139°25'1"E
Camel Creek Airport YCMK Australia 18°51'0"S, 145°28'1"E
Camooweal Airport YCMW CML Australia 19°54'42"S, 138°7'30"E
Cannington Station Airport YCAM Australia 21°52'30"S, 140°53'59"E
Canobie Airport YCBE CBY Australia 19°28'45"S, 140°55'37"E
Cape Flattery Airport CQP Australia 14°58'15"S, 145°18'39"E
Cape Flattery Airport YCFL Australia 14°58'0"S, 145°18'0"E
Capella Airport YCEL Australia 23°6'0"S, 148°1'58"E
Carandotta Airport YCDT Australia 21°58'0"S, 138°37'1"E
Carpentaria Downs Airport YCPN Australia 18°43'0"S, 144°19'1"E
Century Mine Airport YCNY Australia 18°45'11"S, 138°42'25"E
Charleville Airport YBCV CTL Australia 26°24'47"S, 146°15'43"E
Charters Towers Airport YCHT CXT Australia 20°2'35"S, 146°16'22"E
Chatsworth Airport YCTH Australia 21°58'0"S, 140°18'0"E
Cherrabah Airport YCHB Australia 28°25'0"S, 152°10'1"E
Childers Airport YCDS Australia 25°16'0"S, 152°21'0"E
Chillagoe Airport YCGO LLG Australia 17°8'34"S, 144°31'44"E
Chinchilla Airport YCCA CCL Australia 26°46'29"S, 150°37'1"E
Clermont Airport YCMT CMQ Australia 22°46'23"S, 147°37'15"E
Clifton Airport YCFN Australia 27°55'41"S, 151°50'49"E
Clonagh Airport YCGH Australia 20°7'59"S, 140°40'58"E
Cloncurry Airport YCCY CNJ Australia 20°40'6"S, 140°30'14"E
Cluny Airport YUNY CZY Australia 24°31'0"S, 139°37'1"E
Coconut Island Airport YCCT CNC Australia 10°3'0"S, 143°4'12"E
Coen Airport YCOE CUQ Australia 13°45'38"S, 143°6'50"E
Collinsville Airport YCSV KCE Australia 20°35'48"S, 147°51'36"E
Conjuboy Airport YCJU Australia 18°40'59"S, 144°45'0"E
Consuelo Airport YCSL Australia 24°37'59"S, 148°28'1"E
Cooktown Airport YCKN CTN Australia 15°26'40"S, 145°11'2"E
Cooloola Village Airpark YCXA Australia 25°58'30"S, 153°0'0"E
Coominya YBCM Australia 27°23'26"S, 152°27'59"E
Corowa Downs Airport YCWN Australia 26°28'0"S, 143°21'0"E
Croydon Airport YCRY CDQ Australia 18°13'30"S, 142°15'28"E
Crystal Brook Airport TCYT Australia 17°27'0"S, 144°26'59"E
Crystal Brook Airport YCYT Australia 17°22'59"S, 144°26'59"E
Cuddapan Airport YCUD Australia 25°35'24"S, 141°30'28"E
Cunnamulla Airport YCMU CMA Australia 28°1'48"S, 145°37'19"E
Dagworth Airport YDAG Australia 17°56'30"S, 143°35'16"E
Daintree Airport YCBY Australia 16°13'9"S, 145°25'29"E
Dajarra Airport YDAJ DJR Australia 21°42'29"S, 139°31'58"E
Dalby Airport YDAY DBY Australia 27°9'19"S, 151°16'1"E
Darnley Island Airport YDNI NLF Australia 9°34'59"S, 143°46'1"E
Davenport Downs Airport YDPD DVP Australia 24°8'59"S, 141°6'28"E
Delta Downs Airport YDLT DDN Australia 16°59'30"S, 141°19'1"E
Devoncourt Airport YDEV Australia 21°13'0"S, 140°13'58"E
Diamantina Lakes Airport DYM Australia 23°45'42"S, 141°8'42"E
Dimbulah Airport YDIM Australia 17°7'59"S, 145°4'58"E
Dirranbandi Airport YDBI DRN Australia 28°35'30"S, 148°13'1"E
Dixie Airport YDIX Australia 15°4'59"S, 143°19'1"E
Donnington Airpark YDOP Australia 19°36'42"S, 146°50'23"E
Donors Hill Airport YDOO Australia 18°43'0"S, 140°33'0"E
Doomadgee Airport YDMG DMD Australia 17°56'25"S, 138°49'19"E
Doongmabulla Airport YDNB Australia 22°4'0"S, 146°13'58"E
Dorunda Airport YDOR DRD Australia 16°33'29"S, 141°48'28"E
Drumduff Airport YDDF DFP Australia 16°3'10"S, 143°0'43"E
Dulacca Airport YDLC Australia 26°37'59"S, 149°43'1"E
Dunbar Airport YDBR DNB Australia 16°2'59"S, 142°23'59"E
Dunk Island Airport YDKI Australia 17°56'30"S, 146°8'23"E
Dunwich Airport YDUN Australia 27°31'0"S, 153°25'40"E
Durham Downs Airport YDRH DHD Australia 27°4'30"S, 141°53'59"E
Durrie Airport YDRI DRR Australia 25°41'5"S, 140°13'40"E
Dynevor Downs Airport YDNV Australia 28°6'0"S, 144°21'0"E
Dysart Airport YDYS DYA Australia 22°37'19"S, 148°21'50"E
Einasleigh Airport YEIN EIH Australia 18°30'11"S, 144°5'38"E
Emerald Airport YEML EMD Australia 23°34'2"S, 148°10'44"E
Emu Park Airport YEMP Australia 23°15'24"S, 150°48'46"E
Epsilon Airport YEPL Australia 28°16'59"S, 141°11'59"E
Eromanga Airport YEMG Australia 26°42'0"S, 143°16'1"E
Escott Airport YESC Australia 17°43'30"S, 139°25'1"E
Eulo Airport YEUO Australia 28°10'0"S, 145°2'31"E
Forsayth Airport YFSA Australia 18°35'5"S, 143°34'8"E
Galdeville Airport YGDV Australia 20°15'0"S, 142°26'59"E
Galway Downs Airport YGWD Australia 25°10'59"S, 142°40'1"E
Gamboola Airport YGAM Australia 16°32'59"S, 143°40'1"E
Gayndah Airport YGAY GAH Australia 25°36'51"S, 151°37'8"E
Georgetown Airport YGTN GTT Australia 18°18'18"S, 143°31'47"E
Gladstone Airport YGLA GLT Australia 23°52'10"S, 151°13'22"E
Glen Garland Airport YGGL Australia 14°52'0"S, 143°16'58"E
Glen Harding Airport YGHG Australia 18°16'0"S, 145°7'58"E
Glen Ruth Airport YGRU Australia 18°4'59"S, 145°23'59"E
Glengyle Airport YGLE GLG Australia 24°48'29"S, 139°36'0"E
Glenormiston Airport YGLO GLM Australia 22°53'17"S, 138°49'29"E
Goondiwindi Airport YGDI GOO Australia 28°31'17"S, 150°19'12"E
Granada Airport YGNA Australia 20°6'0"S, 140°22'1"E
Great Keppel Is Airport YGKL Australia 23°10'59"S, 150°56'31"E
Greenvale Airport YGNV GVP Australia 18°58'59"S, 145°7'1"E
Gregory Downs Airport YGDS GGD Australia 18°37'30"S, 139°13'58"E
Gregory Springs Airport YGGS Australia 19°43'0"S, 144°22'58"E
Gunnawarra Airport YGUW Australia 17°57'0"S, 145°10'1"E
Gunpowder Airport YGPR Australia 19°42'0"S, 139°22'1"E
Gympie Airport YGYM GYP Australia 26°16'58"S, 152°42'7"E
Hamilton Island Airport YBHM HTI Australia 20°21'29"S, 148°57'7"E
Harvest Home Airport YHVH Australia 20°40'59"S, 146°38'59"E
Headingly Airport YHDY HIP Australia 21°19'59"S, 138°16'58"E
Heathlands Airport HAT Australia 11°44'12"S, 142°34'37"E
Heathlands Airport YHTL Australia 11°45'0"S, 142°34'58"E
Heck Field Airport YHEC Australia 27°46'0"S, 153°19'58"E
Hedlow Airport YHEW Australia 23°13'23"S, 150°36'17"E
Helenvale Airport HLV Australia 15°41'8"S, 145°12'53"E
Hells Gate Airport YHEG Australia 17°28'0"S, 138°22'1"E
Herberton Airport YHTN Australia 17°25'59"S, 145°23'59"E
Hervey Bay Airport YHBA HVB Australia 25°19'8"S, 152°52'48"E
Hideaway Bay Airport YHAB Australia 20°7'0"S, 148°25'58"E
Highbury Airport HIG Australia 16°25'27"S, 143°8'45"E
Highbury Airport YHHY Australia 16°25'59"S, 143°8'59"E
Hillgrove Airport YHLG Australia 19°38'32"S, 145°47'49"E
Hollins Bay Airport YHOY Australia 22°16'0"S, 150°1'58"E
Horn Island Airport YHID HID Australia 10°35'11"S, 142°17'23"E
Hughenden Airport YHUG HGD Australia 20°48'54"S, 144°13'30"E
Hungerford Airport YHRD Australia 28°58'59"S, 144°26'59"E
Iffley Airport YIFY IFF Australia 18°53'59"S, 141°13'1"E
Ingelara Airport YING Australia 24°59'49"S, 148°19'59"E
Ingham Airport YIGM IGH Australia 18°39'38"S, 146°9'7"E
Inglewood Airport YILW Australia 28°25'0"S, 151°4'58"E
Injune Airport YINJ INJ Australia 25°51'0"S, 148°31'58"E
Inkerman Airport YIKM IKP Australia 16°16'29"S, 141°26'31"E
Innisfail Airport YIFL IFL Australia 17°33'33"S, 146°0'43"E
Inverleigh Airport YINV Australia 18°1'0"S, 140°34'1"E
Isis Downs Airport YISD Australia 24°13'0"S, 144°37'1"E
Isisford Airport YISF ISI Australia 24°15'29"S, 144°25'30"E
Jackson Airport YJAK Australia 27°38'17"S, 142°24'28"E
Jacobs Well Airport YJCW Australia 27°45'42"S, 153°20'6"E
Jericho Airport YJRO Australia 23°34'59"S, 146°10'1"E
Jonroy Airport YJNY Australia 16°30'0"S, 144°23'59"E
Jowalbinna Airport YJWB Australia 15°43'59"S, 144°16'1"E
Julia Creek Airport YJLC JCK Australia 20°40'5"S, 141°43'22"E
Jundah Airport YJDA JUN Australia 24°50'30"S, 143°3'28"E
Kaiuroo Airport YKIU Australia 23°7'0"S, 149°22'1"E
Kajabbi Airport YKAJ Australia 20°1'59"S, 140°1'58"E
Kalinga Airport YKLG Australia 15°11'59"S, 143°51'0"E
Kallala Airport YKLL Australia 21°45'0"S, 138°52'58"E
Kalpowar Airport YKPR Australia 14°53'59"S, 144°11'59"E
Kamileroi Airport YKML KML Australia 19°22'30"S, 140°3'25"E
Karumba Airport YKMB KRB Australia 17°27'24"S, 140°49'48"E
Kencherang Airport YKNC Australia 13°50'42"S, 141°35'31"E
Kendall River Airport YKRV Australia 13°45'0"S, 142°10'58"E
Kidston Airport YKID Australia 18°52'12"S, 144°10'22"E
Kilcoy Airfield Australia 26°58'17"S, 152°34'10"E
Killarney Airport YKLN Australia 15°23'59"S, 143°30'0"E
Kingaroy Airport YKRY KGY Australia 26°34'50"S, 151°50'27"E
Kingfisher Camp Airport YKFC Australia 17°52'7"S, 138°17'41"E
Koolatah Airport YKLA Australia 15°55'0"S, 142°26'59"E
Koolatah Airport KOH Australia 15°53'18"S, 142°26'20"E
Koolburra Airport YKLB KKP Australia 15°19'8"S, 143°57'18"E
Kooralbyn Airport YKBN Australia 28°5'24"S, 152°50'42"E
Kooringal Airstrip Australia 27°20'44"S, 153°25'32"E
Kowanyama Airport YKOW KWM Australia 15°29'8"S, 141°45'3"E
Kubin Airport YKUB KUG Australia 10°13'30"S, 142°13'4"E
Kurray Airport YKUY Australia 28°13'11"S, 148°34'40"E
Kynuna Airport YKYN Australia 21°36'0"S, 141°55'1"E
Laglan Airport YLGL Australia 22°30'0"S, 146°40'1"E
Lakefield Airport YLFD Australia 14°55'59"S, 144°11'59"E
Lakeland Airport YLND Australia 15°49'59"S, 144°51'0"E
Lakeside Airpark YLAK Australia 20°40'54"S, 148°37'40"E
Langlo Downs Airport YLLD Australia 25°31'59"S, 145°46'1"E
Lansdowne Airport YLSS Australia 25°2'59"S, 146°16'1"E
Laura Airport YLRA LUU Australia 15°33'0"S, 144°26'59"E
Laverak (Military) Airport YLVK Australia 19°19'18"S, 146°48'7"E
Lawn Hill Airport YLAH LWH Australia 18°34'5"S, 138°38'5"E
Lily Vale Airport YLLV Australia 14°28'59"S, 143°40'1"E
Lindeman Island Airport YLIN LDC Australia 20°27'12"S, 149°2'23"E
Lizard Island Airport YLZI LZR Australia 14°40'0"S, 145°26'59"E
Lizard Island Airport YLZR Australia 14°40'59"S, 145°26'59"E
Lockhart River Airport YLHR IRG Australia 12°47'12"S, 143°18'17"E
Logan Reserve Airport LGRS Australia 27°42'29"S, 153°6'17"E
Longreach Airport YLRE LRE Australia 23°26'3"S, 144°16'47"E
Lorraine Airport YLOR LOA Australia 18°59'35"S, 139°54'25"E
Lorraine Station Airport YLRN Australia 22°31'59"S, 143°31'1"E
Lotus Vale Airport YLOV LTV Australia 17°2'53"S, 141°22'33"E
Lucky Downs Airport YLKD Australia 18°55'0"S, 145°0'0"E
Lyndhurst Airport YLHS LTP Australia 19°11'44"S, 144°22'15"E
Lyndley Airport YLYD Australia 26°49'59"S, 151°13'58"E
Mabuiag Island Airport YMAA UBB Australia 9°56'59"S, 142°10'58"E
Mackay Airport YBMK MKY Australia 21°10'18"S, 149°10'47"E
Macrossan Airport YMCS Australia 20°1'0"S, 146°28'58"E
Maitland Downs Airport YMDW Australia 16°13'23"S, 144°42'10"E
Maneroo Airport YMNO Australia 23°22'0"S, 143°52'58"E
Mareeba Airport YMBA MRG Australia 17°4'9"S, 145°25'8"E
Marion Downs Airport YMWX MXD Australia 23°22'0"S, 139°40'1"E
Mary Valley Airport YMYY Australia 15°3'0"S, 143°45'0"E
Maryborough Airport YMYB MBH Australia 25°30'47"S, 152°42'53"E
Mckinley Airport YMCK Australia 21°16'59"S, 141°17'16"E
Merapah Airport YMEP Australia 13°43'0"S, 142°25'1"E
Merluna Airport YMEU Australia 13°3'0"S, 142°28'58"E
Middlemount Airport YMMU MMM Australia 22°48'8"S, 148°42'18"E
Miles Airport YMLS Australia 26°48'29"S, 150°10'30"E
Millmerran Airport YMMN Australia 27°51'47"S, 151°16'29"E
Millungera Airport YMLL Australia 19°51'29"S, 141°33'43"E
Minnamoolka Airport YMLK Australia 18°10'59"S, 145°10'1"E
Miranda Downs Airport MWY Australia 17°19'44"S, 141°53'9"E
Mitchell Airport YMIT MTQ Australia 26°28'59"S, 147°56'13"E
Monduran Airport YMUA Australia 24°52'30"S, 151°55'1"E
Monkira Airport YMNK ONR Australia 24°49'0"S, 140°31'58"E
Monto Airport YMTO MNQ Australia 24°53'8"S, 151°6'0"E
Mooraberree Airport YMOO OOR Australia 25°15'0"S, 140°58'58"E
Moranbah Airport YMRB MOV Australia 22°3'28"S, 148°4'37"E
Moreton Airport YMOT MET Australia 12°26'39"S, 142°38'16"E
Morney Airport YMNY OXY Australia 25°21'29"S, 141°25'58"E
Mornington Island Airport YMTI ONG Australia 16°39'45"S, 139°10'40"E
Morven Airport YMVN Australia 26°23'59"S, 147°6'0"E
Mount Coolon Airport YMCL Australia 21°23'30"S, 147°19'29"E
Mount Cooper Airport YMPE Australia 20°31'0"S, 146°46'1"E
Mount Garnet Airport YMRT Australia 17°42'0"S, 145°8'59"E
Mount Howitt Airport YMHW Australia 26°30'42"S, 142°16'58"E
Mount Isa Airport YBMA ISA Australia 20°39'50"S, 139°29'20"E
Mount Margaret Airport YMMT Australia 26°55'59"S, 143°19'1"E
Mount Surprise Airport YMSP Australia 18°7'34"S, 144°17'6"E
Moura Airport YMOU Australia 24°36'42"S, 149°59'41"E
Mundubbera Airport YMDA Australia 25°35'30"S, 151°19'1"E
Murray Island Airport YMUI MYI Australia 9°55'0"S, 144°3'17"E
Musgrave Airport YMGV Australia 14°46'59"S, 143°30'0"E
Muttaburra Airport YMTB UTB Australia 22°34'59"S, 144°31'58"E
Nanango Airport YNAN Australia 26°41'24"S, 151°58'58"E
Nappa Merrie Airport YNAP NMR Australia 27°33'29"S, 141°7'58"E
Naryilco Airport YNRL Australia 28°32'59"S, 141°55'1"E
Natal Downs Airport YNDS Australia 21°4'59"S, 146°8'59"E
Navarra Airport YNVR Australia 24°51'0"S, 143°41'59"E
New Laura Airport YLRS LUT Australia 15°10'59"S, 144°22'1"E
New Moon Airport YNMN Australia 19°12'0"S, 145°46'1"E
Noccundra Airport YNCD Australia 27°47'59"S, 142°34'58"E
Nockatunga Airport YNOC Australia 27°43'0"S, 142°42'43"E
Noosa Airport YNSH NSV Australia 26°25'23"S, 153°3'46"E
Nooyeah Downs Airport YNOO Australia 28°2'59"S, 143°34'58"E
Norfolk Airport YNOF Australia 19°19'59"S, 138°19'58"E
Normanton Airport YNTN NTN Australia 17°41'0"S, 141°4'12"E
Oakey Airport YBOK OKY Australia 27°24'41"S, 151°44'6"E
Oakvale Airport YOKE Australia 22°16'0"S, 145°58'58"E
Oaky Creek Airport YOAY Australia 23°3'35"S, 148°29'41"E
Omicron Station Airport YOMI Australia 28°46'0"S, 141°11'59"E
Ootann Airport YOTN Australia 17°25'59"S, 144°37'58"E
Orchid Beach Airport OKB Australia 24°57'33"S, 153°18'54"E
Orielton Airport YOIT Australia 22°4'0"S, 144°8'59"E
Osborne Mine Airport YOSB OSO Australia 22°4'54"S, 140°33'17"E
Ourdel Airport YODL Australia 25°21'0"S, 142°37'58"E
Pacific Haven Airport YPAC Australia 25°14'12"S, 152°32'34"E
Palm Island Airport YPAM PMK Australia 18°45'19"S, 146°34'51"E
Pinnacle Airport YPIN Australia 15°40'0"S, 143°33'0"E
Pittsworth Airport YPWH Australia 27°43'14"S, 151°37'58"E
Plevna Downs Airport YPVD Australia 26°40'0"S, 142°34'58"E
Pormpuraaw Airport YPMP EDR Australia 14°53'48"S, 141°36'32"E
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport YBPN PPP Australia 20°29'42"S, 148°33'7"E
Quilpie Airport YQLP ULP Australia 26°36'43"S, 144°15'10"E
RAAF Base Amberley YAMB Australia 27°38'26"S, 152°42'43"E
RAAF Scherger YBSG Australia 12°37'26"S, 142°5'13"E
Rainbow Beach Airport YRBB Australia 25°49'59"S, 153°4'1"E
Raymore Homestead Airport YRAM Australia 26°8'59"S, 143°1'1"E
Redcliffe Airport YRED Australia 27°12'24"S, 153°4'4"E
Richmond Airport YRMD RCM Australia 20°42'6"S, 143°6'54"E
Robinhood Airport YROB ROH Australia 18°50'41"S, 143°42'36"E
Rockhampton Airport YBRK ROK Australia 23°22'54"S, 150°28'30"E
Rocklands Airport YRKS Australia 19°52'0"S, 138°6'0"E
Rolleston Airport YRLL Australia 24°27'42"S, 148°37'55"E
Roma Airport YROM RMA Australia 26°32'42"S, 148°46'29"E
Roseberth Airport YRSB RSB Australia 25°49'59"S, 139°38'59"E
Rosevale Resort Airport YRSV Australia 27°7'59"S, 145°53'59"E
Rutland Plains Airport YRTP RTP Australia 15°38'35"S, 141°50'34"E
Saibai Island Airport YSII SBR Australia 9°22'41"S, 142°37'30"E
Shute Harbour Airport YSHR JHQ Australia 20°16'41"S, 148°45'25"E
Silver Hills Airport YSVH Australia 20°37'0"S, 143°4'58"E
South Galway Airport YSGW ZGL Australia 25°40'59"S, 142°6'28"E
Southport Airport YSPT SHQ Australia 27°54'54"S, 153°22'22"E
Southwell Airport YSOW Australia 14°31'0"S, 142°1'58"E
Spring Creek Airport YSPK SCG Australia 18°37'59"S, 144°34'1"E
Springfield Airport YSPF Australia 24°17'59"S, 144°52'58"E
Springsure Airport YSPI Australia 24°7'41"S, 148°4'29"E
Springvale Airport YSPV KSV Australia 23°32'59"S, 140°41'59"E
St George Airport YSGE SGO Australia 28°2'58"S, 148°35'42"E
Stanbroke Airport YSBO Australia 21°34'0"S, 139°43'1"E
Stanthorpe Airport YSPE SNH Australia 28°37'13"S, 151°59'27"E
Stonehenge Airport YSTO Australia 24°21'29"S, 143°18'0"E
Strathaven Airport YSVN Australia 14°53'59"S, 142°58'1"E
Strathburn Airport YSTB Australia 14°28'54"S, 142°49'1"E
Strathgordon Airport YSGD Australia 14°47'42"S, 142°25'58"E
Strathleven Airport YSLN Australia 15°53'53"S, 143°22'58"E
Strathmay Airport YSMY Australia 14°52'59"S, 142°48'7"E
Strathmore Airport YSMR STH Australia 17°51'0"S, 142°34'1"E
Sudley Airport YSDL Australia 12°45'0"S, 142°22'1"E
Sunshine Coast Airport YBMC MCY Australia 26°36'11"S, 153°5'27"E
Surat Airport YSRT Australia 27°8'59"S, 149°4'58"E
Sweers Island Resort Airport YSWE Australia 17°7'18"S, 139°35'52"E
Talavera Airport YTVA Australia 19°13'0"S, 143°40'1"E
Tambo Airport YTMB Australia 24°51'0"S, 146°16'58"E
Tanbar Airport YTNB Australia 25°50'52"S, 141°55'40"E
Tangalooma Airport YTGA TAN Australia 27°7'47"S, 153°21'46"E
Tangalooma Resort Airport YXTA Australia 27°12'0"S, 153°22'58"E
Tara Airport YTAA XTR Australia 27°9'24"S, 150°28'37"E
Tarcombe Airport YTRC Australia 24°4'59"S, 143°23'59"E
Taroom Airport YTAM XTO Australia 25°48'6"S, 149°53'59"E
Thangool Airport YTNG THG Australia 24°29'38"S, 150°34'33"E
Thargomindah Airport YTGM XTG Australia 27°59'11"S, 143°48'39"E
The Monument Airport YTMO Australia 21°48'39"S, 139°55'26"E
Theodore Airport YTDR TDR Australia 24°59'35"S, 150°5'34"E
Thylungra Airport YTHY TYG Australia 26°4'59"S, 143°28'1"E
Ti Tree Airport YTTE Australia 13°59'5"S, 141°39'25"E
Toliness Airport YTNS Australia 25°19'17"S, 146°4'7"E
Toomba Airport YTOB Australia 19°55'59"S, 145°34'58"E
Toorak Research Station Airport YTKS Australia 21°2'30"S, 141°47'13"E
Toowoomba Airport YTWB TWB Australia 27°32'34"S, 151°54'57"E
Torrens Creek Airport YTCK Australia 20°46'59"S, 145°0'0"E
Torres Park Homestead Airport YTOK Australia 25°7'0"S, 147°10'1"E
Torwood Airport TWP Australia 17°21'47"S, 143°45'0"E
Townsville Airport YBTL TSV Australia 19°15'9"S, 146°45'53"E
Trelawney Airport YTWE Australia 22°51'0"S, 146°43'1"E
Trepell Airport YTEE Australia 21°50'5"S, 140°53'16"E
Trinidad Airport YTII Australia 25°36'0"S, 143°55'1"E
Trugananni Airport YTUG Australia 24°28'0"S, 149°16'1"E
Tully Airport YTUY Australia 17°55'59"S, 145°55'1"E
Undara Airport YUDA UDA Australia 18°12'0"S, 144°36'0"E
Undilla Airport YUDL Australia 19°37'30"S, 138°37'58"E
Urandangi Airport YUDG Australia 21°35'24"S, 138°21'28"E
Valley of Lagoons Airport YVLG Australia 18°40'0"S, 145°6'0"E
Vanrook Station Airport YVRS VNR Australia 16°57'47"S, 141°56'59"E
Violet Vale Airport YVVL Australia 14°43'59"S, 143°34'58"E
Wandovale Airport YWDV Australia 19°40'0"S, 144°53'59"E
Wandsworth Airport YWNS Australia 25°2'59"S, 143°40'1"E
Warraber Island Airport YWBS SYU Australia 10°12'29"S, 142°49'29"E
Warwick Airport YWCK WAZ Australia 28°8'57"S, 151°56'34"E
Wathanin Airport YWNI Australia 13°41'59"S, 141°33'0"E
Watson River Airport YWTV Australia 13°13'0"S, 142°13'58"E
Wattle Hills Airport YWAT Australia 12°37'59"S, 143°3'0"E
Watts Bridge Airport YWSG Australia 27°5'53"S, 152°27'36"E
Weipa Airport YBWP WEI Australia 12°40'42"S, 141°55'30"E
Wellclose Airport YWEC Australia 25°51'0"S, 145°6'0"E
Wentworth Airport YWWH Australia 22°6'0"S, 147°41'59"E
Wernadinga Airport YWER Australia 18°7'59"S, 139°58'1"E
Westmoreland Airport YWML Australia 17°19'59"S, 138°13'58"E
Whitsunday Airstrip WSY Australia 20°16'1"S, 148°45'0"E
Whitsunday Island Airport YWHI Australia 20°16'0"S, 148°46'1"E
Williamson Airport YWIS Australia 22°28'23"S, 150°10'40"E
Windorah Airport YWDH WNR Australia 25°24'47"S, 142°40'1"E
Winton Airport YWTN WIN Australia 22°21'48"S, 143°5'9"E
Wirralie Airport YWRE Australia 22°16'12"S, 146°3'0"E
Wirralie Gold Mine Airport YWIE Australia 21°7'0"S, 147°16'1"E
Wondai Airport YWND WDI Australia 26°16'59"S, 151°51'28"E
Wondoola Airport YWDL Australia 18°34'30"S, 140°53'31"E
Wooroona Airport YWRA Australia 20°28'54"S, 138°10'4"E
Wrotham Park Airport YWMP WPK Australia 16°39'29"S, 144°0'7"E
Wyandotte Airport YWDT Australia 18°45'0"S, 144°49'58"E
Wyandra Airport YWYA Australia 27°16'0"S, 145°59'24"E
Yacamunda Airport YYAC Australia 21°22'59"S, 147°6'0"E
Yalkulka Airport YYAK Australia 16°43'59"S, 145°19'58"E
Yam Island Airport YYMI XMY Australia 9°54'3"S, 142°46'33"E
Yandan Mine Airport YADM Australia 21°15'29"S, 147°0'0"E
Yarrabee Mine Airport YYBE Australia 23°16'0"S, 149°1'1"E
Yorke Island Airport YYKI OKR Australia 9°45'25"S, 143°24'39"E
Yowah Airport YYWA Australia 27°55'59"S, 144°37'1"E